Abstinence: 100% success rate

The success rate is high, but all the fun is lost. It’s the dumbest way, the most undesirable.

2. Menstrual contraception: success rate < 30%

The simplest fact is that menstruation can also ovulate. Maybe most people don’t get pregnant during menstruation, but what if you are the minority? Some women may ovulate even during menstruation. And don’t forget that sperm can live for up to eight days in the vagina.

Refuse unprotected sex during menstruation

Three Reasons for Refusing Menstrual Sex Beyond Contraception

A. Health issues. The exposed wounds, blood loss and blood as culture medium in the uterine cavity during menstruation are liable to cause local infection if there are unclean male genitals entering the vaginal environment. Severe inflammation may lead to vaginal or pelvic inflammation.

B. Endometriosis. Another reason experts disapprove of menstrual sex is that it increases the incidence of endometriosis. In addition, the incidence of ectopic pregnancy is also related to it.

C. The possibility of anemia. In addition, menstrual sex may also increase the amount of bleeding in women, which increases the likelihood of anemia. Moreover, if sexual intercourse is too intense, it may also cause abdominal pain. So unprotected sex during menstruation is the most unhealthy form of contraception.


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