Those who regularly take contraceptive pills should take more of these foods

Many research data indicate that oral contraceptives can have an impact on the body’s material metabolism and nutrient absorption, and can alter the requirements for vitamins and minerals.

Continuous use of contraceptive pills for three to four months can cause various vitamin absorption and metabolism disorders, often resulting in dry and aging skin, especially facial pigmentation, yellow brown spots, and weight gain.

Although the contraceptive pill relieves both spouses of their worries during sexual intercourse and allows them to fully enjoy the pleasure of sex, it also brings physiological troubles to women. So when women take oral contraceptives, they should pay appropriate attention to their diet and nutrition. Supplement easily lacking vitamins from your diet, and pay attention to consuming foods rich in vitamin C, B2, B6, folic acid, as well as vegetables, fruits, etc. in your daily diet.

However, some vitamins will increase in the body, which requires controlling the easily increased vitamins. Foods with high levels of vitamin A and D such as milk, butter, and ice cream should be consumed as little as possible. Properly control foods with high cholesterol, such as fatty meat and animal offal. Secondly, it is necessary to appropriately control the amount of food consumed, which can effectively prevent abnormal weight gain. Following the above dietary principles, discomfort caused by oral contraceptives can be avoided or minimal.


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