After giving birth to the baby for a period of time, to restore the loving husband and wife life with her husband, of course, contraception must be considered at this time. A few days ago, a mother wrote to her husband about postpartum contraceptive measures. She felt that upper ring ligation was too harmful to her body, and condoms seemed to be very troublesome, so she wanted to choose contraceptives. But a sister told her that the contraceptive pill contains estrogen and progesterone, which will lead to uterine fibroids.

In fact, it is often seen that such information appears on the Internet. Is this statement hearsay or is it true? Let me study for my mother!

Gynecologist: taking contraceptives won’t get uterine fibroids

Gynecological experts pointed out that oral contraceptives are mainly divided into two kinds of conventional contraceptives and emergency contraceptives, although the nature is not the same, but the main components are a small amount of estrogen and progestogen, taking contraceptives will not cause women with uterine fibroids or breast cancer.

In addition, she also pointed out that when contraceptives increase the risk of uterine fibroids, it is related to personal physique. For example, women with high estrogen in their body have a higher chance of suffering from uterine fibroids; Obese women with BMI over 25 may also increase their risk of breast cancer after taking contraceptives.

However, in the case of normal estrogen in the body, contraceptives have little to do with these diseases themselves.

Cancer patients should avoid taking contraceptives

In addition, doctors also told us that patients with benign breast tumors, hysteromyomas and various malignant tumors should not use contraceptives. Because the estrogen content in contraceptives is very low, it should not induce tumor diseases in theory. However, if a female friend has a tumor disease, it will increase the tumor. For example, uterine fibroids have been found, and taking contraceptives may increase uterine fibroids.

Mothers who take contraceptives remember to have a physical examination once a year for their health. Pay attention to the examination of uterus and chest. These two places are the places where women are most likely to proliferate benign tumors. So as not to take contraceptives unknowingly when breast tumors and hysteromyomas have been replaced.


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