After giving birth, young mothers worry about not only the recovery of their bodies, but also sexual love after childbirth. Because both husband and wife are still young, and the wife is not interested in sexual desire after childbirth, the husband can not enjoy it.  

1. What affects the wife’s sexual life after childbirth:

1. The changes of reproductive organs and the influence of milk secretion.

After a series of changes in reproductive organs, sometimes there will be spasmodic pain caused by contraction of reproductive organs (mainly uterus). The amount of bleeding will also be reduced in the range of 30% – 50%. The pubic bone will be reunited and the soft tissue will be re tightened. At the same time, other physiological changes will be readjusted. The most obvious examples are lateral section and caesarean section, but there may also be tears and bruises in other parts, such as the vagina, cervix and uterus in the reproductive organs. Although the knife edge feels good, bleeding stops, and sexual intercourse is safe, vaginal changes are likely to cause sexual discomfort during this period. If the wife tries to have sex and feels uncomfortable, she is likely to be afraid of future sexual intercourse. This fear will suppress sexual desire, lubricate the vagina and lead to a vicious circle.

2. The change of self hormone.

When the body returns to its normal state and repairs its wounds, the hormonal balance during pregnancy will change. After childbirth, estrogen and progesterone decrease sharply. The hormones in the anterior pituitary gland are no longer inhibited by these hormones and begin to secrete hormones that stimulate milk secretion.

Due to the lack of estrogen and lead to changes in the vagina, because of the difficulty in sexual intercourse and affect sexual desire. In the absence of estrogen, the vaginal wall becomes thinner, because the blood flow to the soft tissue surrounding the vagina also depends on estrogen. If there is no normal blood supply, the vagina can not be lubricated normally and sexual intercourse can be carried out normally.

3. Physical fatigue after childbirth.

A harmonious and happy sex life needs to be based on health and energy. After giving birth, women often devote their energy to their babies, but they are not interested in sex itself. If at this time the husband on the baby and housework, not considerate, do not care, do not help, let his wife busy alone, and he only go to bed after the spirit of the “mix”, so of course, can not make the wife actively into the sex life.

4. Their own psychological factors.

Pregnant women should not only treat the normal, not recovered vaginal deformation correctly, but also worry about the pain caused by sexual intercourse, infectious diseases, knife edge (wound) infection and so on, or worry about thinking about children during intercourse. This makes the wife produce a layer of psychological barrier, is not interested in sex.


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