After giving birth to a child and getting well rested, sex is put on the agenda. Many novice parents are deeply involved in all kinds of care for the new baby. They are suffering from sex. They often hear their parents’ cries. They have more heart and less time. As a parent for the first time, isn’t husband and wife’s life on the other side from now on. Let’s see, what else can you do to improve this situation?

1、 Current situation, postpartum sex difficult

It’s said that before giving birth to a child, you’ll be busy and your husband’s life will be gone. The moms around have had this feeling. Let’s hear what these moms say.

Few times

Mommy: how many times do you have? Take a baby to make me sleep upside down day and night. I also have mind and time to cultivate feelings. It’s good to find a mood once every ten and a half days, often once every month.

No orgasm

Gray mood: I can’t find the feeling of the past anymore. The so-called climax has become a word in the dictionary since then. I don’t know where the problem is.

To finish in a hurry

Sunny and rainy: I have a ring after childbirth. I firmly refuse to implant such a thing in my body. It’s him who brings the cover. Every time I finish it in a hurry, we are both like handing in our homework. In fact, we want to improve, but we don’t know where to start.


It’s not just the representative speeches of these mummies, many couples will encounter this problem. So, what else can novice parents do for this?

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Page 1: current situation, postpartum sex is difficult

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Page 3: harmony, what can a new dad do


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