The birth of the baby makes the sweet world of two into a warm and complete family of three. In the face of this situation, the woman will sigh with satisfaction: “now I am so happy!”

On the contrary, men seem to have different ideas. Many men show their bitter faces and say, “you know! “Why? Listen to the men’s bitter water!

1、 Postpartum women are slow to love

1. “If you have children, stand aside for men!”

Mother’s love for her children is far more than that of others. Who gives her a natural advantage? Only a woman can have a baby?

“You are my air” is just the sarcastic love words of men and women in novels or TV. But during pregnancy, the mother and the child can really reach such a close level. The mother and the child breathe and heartbeat together. After 10 months of hard work, my mother couldn’t help but “out of stock” that piece of meat in my stomach. She must love her baby very much. In addition, the mother is the “pure natural milk bottle” of the newborn baby, which makes the mother and the child more inseparable.

Man, think about how cute the new baby is, and how it behaves every day, one by one. These surprises rush at the woman one by one, and don’t make her happy?

What about you? It seems to be the same. It’s not fresh! Besides, the child is so young just after birth. He can’t do anything except eat, drink and cry. He must be taken good care of.

And men, the children have, can’t take care of themselves? When women’s eyes are almost without you, she certainly can’t be interested in “husband and wife life”!

2. “I’m so tired. Please stop playing!”

If a woman says this, you must be angry as a man. Five out of ten retort: “I’m tired after a day’s work outside. What’s tired of you taking a child at home? I want to fulfill my husband and wife’s obligations. How can I become as if I don’t understand!”

Man, you should understand that it’s not that you won’t be tired if you don’t go out at home. It’s really tired to take a child at home!

List a list of things women should do at home: feeding, coaxing children, changing diapers, coaxing sleep, feeding, coaxing children, changing diapers, coaxing sleep Although these matters are simple, they are in the state of infinite loop playback.

Just after a woman has given birth to a child, her body will have a recovery time, plus taking a child is an absolute test of physical strength and spirit. A person’s energy is limited. If taking a child has consumed most of the women’s energy, and the “bedtime activities” between husband and wife is a matter of energy consumption. A woman is exhausted. If you let her choose, she would rather go to bed. So when you mention this when she is very tired, she thinks it’s normal for you to be fooling around.


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