Generally speaking of postpartum depression, people only think of women, but it has been more and more obvious to affect men, not just women’s patent. According to statistics, 10% of men are prone to depression after their children are born. Although there are many symptoms of insomnia, insomnia, anxiety and so on, it can be accompanied by more symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety and so on. It can be seen that postpartum depression is no longer the exclusive right of women.

Postpartum depression is no longer a woman’s monopoly

After delivery, my man became depressed

Since my daughter was born, I have been busy taking care of the baby. Busy in the daytime, I didn’t stop very much. At night, I had to sleep with the baby, so my husband had to go to the study to sleep. Recently, I suddenly found that my husband came home later than before, and he didn’t take the initiative to help him. His complexion was obviously not as good as before. He often held his face and his appetite was reduced. I decided to find a time to have a good talk with him.

In the process of talking, my husband was full of guilt, but he stopped saying, “when the baby was born, I suddenly found that there was one more person in my life who needed me to be responsible for and to make money to raise. This kind of pressure made me breathless. Originally, I wanted to tell you these things for a long time. Maybe we spend too little time alone. During the day, you and your mother are busy taking care of your daughter. At night, you and your child sleep in a big bed. I sleep in the study. Several times I want to sleep with you, but I see that you are so tired every day, so I am afraid to disturb your rest, so I hold back all the time. Sometimes it’s really annoying and in a bad mood. “

When my husband accompanied me back to the hospital for postpartum review, I told the doctor about my husband’s condition. The doctor told me that this was the manifestation of postpartum depression. My husband a big man, unexpectedly also can get postpartum depression?

Editor’s comments:

Different from the emotional changes caused by hormone readjustment in women after childbirth, this reaction of men is more caused by the change of life style and the lack of psychological preparation. Depression is lighter than women, and most of them are self limiting. After a period of adjustment, they can basically return to normal.

Although the symptoms of postpartum depression in men are not as obvious as those in women, there are also some abnormal behaviors in a few men, such as unexplained temper tantrum, crying, and even the tendency of domestic violence.

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