Women who give birth to children, especially mothers who give birth naturally, will have a series of changes in their vagina, such as darker color, looser elasticity, etc. These are not the most serious. Postpartum mothers’ private parts are easy to be infected and are relatively more vulnerable, so they need to take good care of them. Do you know enough about her? Let’s take a look at the 15 secrets about “she” to better understand our body, do a good job in postpartum care, and join the spicy mother camp.

Secret 1: vagina can also “lose skin”

Under the influence of estrogen, vaginal epithelial cells can change periodically and fall off, which is a natural metabolism.

Secret 2: vagina’s natural defense barrier

The labia minora on both sides of the vulva are often closed, and the front and back walls of the vagina are close together, forming a natural defense barrier.

Secret 3: the pH of the vagina is between 3.8 and 4.5

Due to the action of normal bacteria, the pH value of this space is maintained between 3.8-4.5, so that most of the pathogenic bacteria adapted to live in alkaline environment can not grow and reproduce here.

Secret 4: leucorrhea is not dirty, it is also a “clean hand”

Because of the existence of leucorrhea and foreign pathogens can not survive in the vagina, so as to protect the safety of the vagina, which is called “vaginal self-cleaning effect” in medicine. This kind of self-cleaning effect actually benefits from a large number of beneficial bacteria in the vagina – vaginal bacilli. This kind of bacteria can make the glycogen contained in the keratinized epithelial cells in the vaginal wall into lactic acid, and then inhibit the harmful bacteria invading the vagina. And vaginal bacilli can not grow in a dry environment, must be in a moist state in order to thrive, and leucorrhea just wet the vagina, it also encourages the vaginal bacilli, maintain the vaginal self-cleaning effect. Thus, the normal leucorrhea is not redundant, that leucorrhea is dirty, need “clean Yin” view is wrong.

Secret 5: vagina has the function of self-cleaning

Various glands in the vagina can secrete some liquid to lubricate and clean the vagina. It should be noted that excessive vaginal washing during bathing will wash away those natural lubricants and probiotics, causing the reproduction of anaerobic bacteria and mold, resulting in abnormal secretion, peculiar smell and itching. So flush vulva, do not use vaginal irrigating agent.


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