A lactating mother is like a walking cow, ready to breast-feed whenever and wherever she is. At home, breastfeeding at any time is not a problem. But out of doors, no place is suitable for breastfeeding. In the eyes of the public, breast feeding, to tell you the truth, many mothers feel embarrassed.

For example, in the subway or bus where there are so many people, baby cries for milk. Is it feeding or not? The baby is hungry, and crying all the time is not a way to feed. Some mothers may not be able to bear the heart, only when the people around are transparent, hard-skinned breast-feeding, but unfortunately there are men who do not know each other, staring at… You say embarrassed not embarrassed?

So, when taking your baby out, if you can’t find a mother and baby room, how can you avoid embarrassment by breastfeeding in public?

1. Take your baby before you go out and feed yourself first.

Mothers should try their best to know the time of breast feeding and the interval of breast feeding.

If the time to go out will exceed the baby’s breast-feeding time, either change the time to go out, or before leaving to feed the baby.

If you have a lot of work to do when you go out, remember to plan and schedule your baby’s time to find a suitable breast-feeding place or return home in time for the next hunger.

2, public place lactation Association “hide”

In public places, the first point is to “hide”.

But what places are suitable for shelter?

Get out of the restaurant to eat, you can find a box or corner of the location, if there is a car can be directly back to the car to solve; take the baby shopping mall, first understand which shopping mall has a maternal and infant room, in the mind to draw a good feeding place “map”.

3, lactation equipment can not be less

Some equipment is essential for breastfeeding.

Because these devices are specially designed to increase the concealment of breast-feeding and ease the anxiety of mothers breast-feeding in public.

[lactating clothes]

Omnipotent breastcoat, vows to let mother go out to breast feeding easily.

From the style point of view, breast-feeding clothes and ordinary clothes are not much different, can be divided into two kinds of cross-collar and front fraction, the latter is in the chest opened a hidden seam, convenient for mother to breast-feed, neither too much exposure to the body, will not affect the fashion beauty oh.

Lactating towels are a versatile accessory, and mothers can observe their baby’s breast-feeding through a wide neckline, no matter what clothes they wear.

Its collection and wear are convenient and highly applicable, creating a private breastfeeding space for mom.

Baby scarf

Don’t look at the child’s back towel is a large piece of soft and strong cloth, its function can be big.

The hanging cloth on the scarf can cover the baby’s head, play a role of windshield, light shield, privacy protection, and feeding the baby with the scarf, outside can not see, hee.

The cloak of nursing

The breast cloak is a versatile accessory, and it can be worn whatever clothes it wears. One is the privacy of mother and baby. Mothers can observe the baby’s breast feeding through a wide neckline, fully protecting personal privacy, but also as a baby’s small windproof cape. The cloak is very convenient to receive and wear, but also has a powerful function, can be incarnated as a scarf, shawl, shoulder, etc.

With these tips, new mothers don’t have to worry about taking their babies out! All kinds of hiding, all kinds of artifacts can play their role to help you get rid of the embarrassment of feeding babies in public places, so that babies can eat whenever they want, no more hungry stomach.


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