Being a mother is a big thing, because it means sacrificing responsibility. Your time and freedom are limited by your children. Even some mothers complain that they feel very depressed when they think of their freedom to sacrifice in the future.

In fact, being a mother means growing up, and the changes in life brought about by growing up are likely to make mothers feel at a loss and restless. On the occasion of the March 8th Festival, temporarily shift your attention back from the child’s, pay more attention to yourself and adjust your mood.

Less tangle can give the mood a holiday

Always chagrin at such ideas as “I gave birth too early” and “why should I gain weight when giving birth”. The established fact can’t be changed. Thinking like this will only torture you in the end. In the face of problems, don’t always “claim” and “deep analysis”, which are useless. On the contrary, it will increase the psychological burden of yourself and the people around you, and make you fall into a sad mood.

In fact, if you feel too much trouble and are really tired of coping with it, the most important thing is not to complain, but to discuss solutions with your husband, family and friends, or to seek help directly. Actively solving problems can add strength to your heart.

Find something to do to forget your troubles

When a person is at home, he must find some entertainment activities to help adjust his mood. Listen to slow music in a quiet environment to relax your body and mind; watch comedy tv series or movies at home to make you laugh; exercise indoors, such as breathing yoga and body dancing.

In addition, going out for a walk on sunny days will make you feel better. If you stay indoors for a long time, please turn on the indoor lights to enhance the light and create a “sunny” environment.

Work and communication can reduce your helplessness

Stay at home, irregular life is easy to make people weak willpower, loneliness is also easy to cause anxiety, the whole person lost vitality. It’s better to return to work after maternity leave. Although it’s hard, regular life is actually conducive to the recovery of body and mind. Moreover, communicating with others in the workplace can help you drive away the feeling of loneliness and helplessness.

Of course, stay away from those who bring you negative energy. People who like to complain, who are indifferent, and who are in a bad mood will bring you negative energy.

There is also positive energy in the diet

Supplement vitamin D in an appropriate amount will make you feel happy. You can eat skimmed milk, cod liver oil, cheese, nuts and seafood to help ease your mood.

The spring tea, in fact, is also a matter of calm mood. The so-called spring tonifying five zang organs, should be Shugan Jieyu first. Among all kinds of “happy food”, scented tea, such as rose tea, jasmine tea and Hangbaiju tea, has excellent effect in soothing liver qi and relieving depression.


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