After the baby, everything changed!

The stereotyped opening remarks are the most authentic portrayal of parents.

A kind of

The arrival of small life, let us experience magic, touching and happiness.

But as feeding, nursing and a series of eating, drinking, and sleeping Lazarus poured in,

Many parents begin to feel overwhelmed with time and energy.

The quality of life has plummeted. What should we do?

Keyword 1: Housework

Problems that can be solved with money are not problems.

Still, to make money is to spend money on time and worry. People’s energy is so much, adding a baby at home is equivalent to working an extra job. If you want to catch your breath, you must try to cut down the housework besides the baby.

But most families can’t afford 8,000 + monthly sisters-in-law or child-rearing sisters-in-law. What should we do?

There is a better way: please work on time.

3 hours a day to buy food, cook, wash clothes, clean up and take care of the children. Three hours of free time may be nothing for families without children, and for families with children, it is an oasis in the desert, which can effectively provide a buffer for themselves.

If it’s inconvenient to invite people at home, you can use a variety of household appliances: clothes dryer, floor sweeping/mopping robot, as well as automatic rice cooker, electric stew pot, air frying pan, all of which are good time-saving and labor-saving helpers. In short, you can’t do it without doing it yourself, and don’t make yourself too tired.

Keyword 2: Team

Family fighting, with children pay attention to division of labor and cooperation

Neonates are sleeping most of the time except for breast-feeding, which is not difficult to take care of, but the frequency is high and day and night, feeding once every two hours and changing diapers every four hours. If a person takes care of them, there is hardly any sleep time. No matter how great the mother’s love is, it can’t be sustained.

So family teamwork is very important.

The ideal configuration is: 2-3 adults (new mother, mother-in-law, wife or husband) division of labor and cooperation.

Mother-in-law shifts. Anyway, it really saves a lot of heart to have an old man at home to help with the baby. Mothers and mothers-in-law can take shifts every four hours to ensure everyone’s rest time.

Involve your husband in taking the baby. It is not enough to be a father without getting up late at night to coax the baby’s father. Husband’s involvement in taking children is very important. Helping to lighten the burden is small and can greatly enhance the emotional relationship between father and son (daughter). Fathers do not experience the process of pregnancy and childbirth, often unable to feel as intimate as mothers to the baby, and even think that the child affected their position in the family, this problem can only be treated by taking the baby in person – the more tired the baby, the deeper the feeling.

Keyword 3: Work and rest

Needless to say, you must know the benefits of working and sleeping regularity.

For example, sleeping fast at night, waking up at night, eating fragrantly during the day. Do not need 24 hours around the baby, sleep regularly without worrying about people, free time to do their own things, not happy?!

Therefore, from birth, we begin to consciously cultivate the law of baby’s sleep: turning off the light at night or dimming the light, feeding more or less; opening windows and sunshine during the day, feeding a small number of times; so insisting on a month or so, the baby will sleep sounder at night and be more active during the day.

2-4 months is the key period for nurturing regular work and rest. It is necessary to observe carefully the time of sleep, breast-feeding, activity and defecation every day so as to gradually form regular patterns.

Keyword 4: Education

It’s the so-called “Father’s Father’s Father’s Father’s Father’s Father’s Father’s Father’s Father’s Father’s Father’s Father’s Fault”

Teaching is the responsibility of parents. After half a year of age, a child begins to have his own will. At this time, the focus of work with a child should gradually shift from “feeding” to “upbringing”. If you keep chasing and coaxing ta, you will only make yourself more tired. When the child slowly sensible, the most efficient way is to guide.

Take eating as an example, we often see parents chasing their babies with their bowls, playing while feeding, and eating more than an hour after a meal, which is how time is consumed.

You might as well use examples from animation or picture books to demonstrate, “Look, baby bear takes a spoon and eats a big meal. Does baby want a big meal?”

Children are not naughty, do not understand, do not know when to eat a good meal, so to teach. If you teach them several times, they will acquiesce to this habit in their consciousness, and gradually get rid of the bad habit of eating. The baby will eat delicious fast, and the adults will be relaxed a lot.

Keyword 5: Be yourself

You are first yourself, then a fucking child.

The reason why the quality of life declines after becoming a mother is that we are trapped in the feeding and drinking of our children and are tired of losing ourselves.

“It’s sad that you can’t travel, you can’t watch movies, you can’t do this, but you have to put up with it for your baby / you have to give up some for your baby…” The adoptive child must be tired, but if the situation is so bad that the negative emotions of the whole person are very heavy and there is no room for oneself at all, it is a very serious problem.

In front of bottles and diapers, you should also keep your elegance as a woman.

Make the best use of fragmented time to do what you need to do, set aside the whole time to do what you love to do, read, write, exercise and draw, or go shopping, watch movies, do beauty and make nails… Because raising a child is a protracted battle, every soldier needs a little adjustment and comfort.

[Happy Mommy said]

Yes, with children, it’s really tired and will lose a lot of freedom, which in some way leads to a decline in the quality of life. However, life is always their own, do not have a baby to lose themselves, let alone take the child as an excuse, their own life should be well controlled, with a baby does not hinder the wonderful life.


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