Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is the main temporary emotional disorder. It is manifested as a short-term depression accompanied by anxiety and fear, indifference and hostility to the baby and her husband, and sleep disorders.

My note: pregnancy is a huge physiological change and psychological stress process for pregnant women. They will have a variety of psychological and physiological changes in a series of physiological processes, such as pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum recovery and breast-feeding. Once the degree and nature of some changes exceed the limits of normal variation, they will become pathological changes. Epidemiological studies show that 12 months after delivery is a high-risk period for mental disorders in a woman’s life.

Typical case 1:

“I love my children very much, and I love my husband more, because my illness made me do such a thing, and I’m sorry for them.” Suffering from postpartum depression, young female teacher Juan Zi drowned her 2-month-old son in order to “relieve” the suffering of her sick son.

Typical case 2:

At Gongzhuang subway station, a 25-year-old young woman who just graduated from university jumped off the platform facing the front of the train and was immediately involved under the wheel. The suicide woman left her baby of more than one year old and her elderly parents behind. At that time, people in the subway station almost did not respond to the scene in front of them, and the tragedy happened. According to the investigation, the poor woman suffered from postpartum depression and had suicide before her divorce.

I suggest: experts say that more than 70% of women will experience a period of postpartum depression with the birth of their children, and about 10% of pregnant women will suffer from different degrees of postpartum depression. In this way, a child from birth to grow up, the mother’s heart is how strong to support all this. And postpartum depression is how can not be ignored. We should be careful to fight against postpartum depression.


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