When a woman in the workplace is no longer competent and decisive, she is replaced by a woman who is full of babies and babies, and whose mind is full of babies. Such women are actually familiar with us. They are just upgraded new mothers.

Month has been 27 weeks pregnant, memory has dropped a lot recently, a lot of things are always forgotten. Her colleagues in the office are thoughtful and often give various reminders at work. At first, the mood of the month became more unstable, feeling that they were dragging everyone down. Later, the mother of two children knew her mentality and began to teach her experience.

Not to mention that I don’t know, it turned out that not only the Red Sister, but also other office mothers have experienced such a period. After the second trimester of pregnancy, women’s cognitive ability, memory and so on will begin to become less efficient, after the birth of a child is a dramatic decline, become a “forgotten mother”. However, as the body slowly recovers and life and work returns to the original track, the problem of memory gradually ceases to be a problem.

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Page 1: Mommies say they love to forget things after BB

Page 2: Two Reasons for Mammy’s Forgetting

Page 3: Mommy Quick Action, Rescue Memory Campaign


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