Light snow is the second solar term in winter. After light snow, the weather is getting colder and colder, entering the real winter. The temperature drops and the humidity is getting lower and lower. At this time, people’s immunity decreases, so we should pay more attention to health care after light snow. For mothers who have just given birth to their children, they have also entered a critical period of postpartum recovery. They should carefully adjust their food, daily life and even their mood.

Key points of dressing: keep your head warm

It is often said that “wear clothes and hats as soon as the light snow comes”, because the temperature all over the country has dropped after the light snow. In nature, Yin flourishes and Yang declines. At this time, people’s Yang Qi is easy to be damaged. As the “meeting of all Yang”, the head is the place where all yang meridians converge, and can not be attacked by wind and cold. When the head is attacked by wind cold, vasoconstriction and muscle tension can also easily lead to cold, headache, facial paralysis, and even cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Therefore, after light snow, especially pregnant mothers in the North should pay special attention to the heat preservation of their heads. When you get up early and go out, if the weather is cold, remember to wear a hat and scarf to avoid the invasion of cold and the hidden danger of headwind. The body is also best to wear thick coats and sweaters, and the abdomen, hands, feet and back should not be easily cold.

The climate in the south, especially in Guangdong. Although the temperature has decreased, the sun is more sunny in the daytime and the temperature is not low. In the evening and early morning, the wind is strong and the temperature is low. Therefore, mothers in the South should pay attention to changing their clothes according to the temperature change, and don’t cover them too tightly in the daytime, so as not to cause internal fire. Keep warm when going to and from work, and don’t let your abdomen and head and neck get cold.


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