“I drink too much water at night, and my face is swollen in the morning. I can’t even paint my makeup!”

“I stayed up for four or five days in a row, and my forehead was full of pimples again! There was also a terrible face swelling, big pie face!”

“The two bowls of pig’s hoof soup before I go to bed are very effective. Not only is there more milk in the night, but also a little bit hard in the morning. It seems that when I was a child, I still realized what is puffiness on my face, which has been swollen for a whole day.”

I believe that many sisters have the experience of swelling their faces in the morning. If you stay up late or don’t sleep well, your face may swell the next day. If you eat night before bed, the swelling will be more serious.

Facial edema will not only look tired, even make-up is difficult to cover, especially, usually the eyes are the most swollen part, seriously affecting the overall face image.

★ why is the face more prone to edema in the early morning of hot weather?

General people will feel that the weather is hot, sweating more, edema should not be easy to visit. But in fact, the heat is really one of the main causes of puffiness in the face and body. Isn’t it surprising? There are two reasons:

1. Body fluid concentration reduction: we will sweat a lot in hot days. Although we are constantly taking in water to supplement, sweat is salty and electrolytes, and most of the water we take in is not salty. As time goes by, the concentration of body fluids will decrease and water will seep into the body tissues. For example, in summer, the fluid in the body tissue will be much more than in autumn and winter, so it is particularly prone to edema.

2. Excessive intake of water: in hot weather, we will drink a lot of drinks, but we will sleep late and have rich nightlife. Eating something with a heavier taste at night, or drinking alcohol or a lot of water before going to sleep, will cause the body to fail to discharge in time. The next morning, there will be edema on the face, which is not surprising at all.

How to solve this problem skin? Next I will teach you several solutions.

1. Sleep for seven hours

Sleep less than seven hours a day, in addition to the dark circles will find the door, you may also accompany a good curve. When sleep is not enough, the metabolism in the body will be too slow, resulting in the body waste or water can not be discharged smoothly, making the face prone to edema, making the fat easy to store in the waist and abdomen. So in order not to do “small cage bag”, sisters or go to bed early!

2. Change the way you wash your face

Change the way you wash your face on weekdays. Before you use facial cleanser to clean your face, use cold water and hot water alternately. The alternation of heat and cold can make the blood vessels contract and expand, promote the blood circulation of the skin, discharge the excess water, effectively eliminate the puffiness of the face, and make the face appear small. Apply hot towel to face first, then cold towel, repeat 3 times. After applying cold and hot water to the face, squeeze the cleanser on the hand, rub it, and clean the face in a clockwise circle.

3. Make exaggerated expressions from time to time

Exaggerated facial expressions, such as opening a big mouth to make it round, and then folding up, can stretch facial muscles and make the face smaller. If you don’t like to make exaggerated facial expressions, you can practice the basic pronunciation of Chinese pinyin. In practice, open your mouth and move it to every muscle group on your face.

4. Scrapping promotes blood circulation

Because of the swelling and pain caused by the poor blood circulation, it can be solved by scraping, but you must follow the instructions of scraping and massage at the designated acupoints to have obvious effect. And should pay attention to the strength not to be too big, otherwise may injure the skin by mistake!

5. Apply ice to face to reduce swelling

In the morning, if you can’t find the ice bag, you can also buy iced drinks or ice cream, and use low temperature to stimulate the edema part, so as to quickly reduce the swelling. Or put an iron spoon in the freezer at night, and use the frozen spoon to cover the face and reduce swelling when you find facial edema!

If you often have morning facial edema, try these solutions. Of course, if your morning facial edema is caused by a disease, you should go to the hospital in time for examination and treatment. In short, morning facial edema can be effectively solved, the key is to use the right method.


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