After giving birth to the baby, her mother-in-law cooked a lot of crucian carp soup and pig’s hoof soup… However, the more she drank, the more she found that she drank soup every day, but not much milk. What’s the matter? Does the legendary milk soup have no effect on me? But the baby is still hungry. What should I do? Don’t panic. Let’s find out why first——

1. Overwork and health status

Many postpartum mothers need to take care of their babies at this time because they are weak. Overwork or malnutrition will lead to insufficient milk. Generally, the amount of lactation of new mothers who give birth for the first time is relatively small, and the lactation of older primiparas is significantly reduced. If new mothers have chronic diseases, acute infectious diseases or anemia, milk secretion will be affected.

2. Premature addition of formula milk powder or other dairy substitutes

Because the baby eats some other dairy substitutes, he will not feel hungry and will take the initiative to reduce the time of sucking milk. In this way, it will lead to the reduction of milk. This is also the main reason why many mothers have insufficient milk secretion after childbirth.

3. Improper breastfeeding

Because some mothers are too worried that their baby will eat too much milk, which will lead to obesity or indigestion, they will control the number of breastfeeding and feeding time, resulting in the failure of timely emptying of milk, causing milk deposition, thus affecting the secretion of milk. Causes less milk.

In fact, the mother does not need to have a fixed schedule when breastfeeding. If the baby feels hungry, he will breastfeed in time. The time of each breastfeeding should also be decided by the baby himself, because some babies will stop for a while and catch a breath when they are tired, because sucking milk is still a tired thing for the baby.

4. Mother’s malnutrition

Lactating mothers want to lose too much weight, so they don’t eat some nutritious food, which will lead to less milk secretion. For the healthy growth of babies, mothers should eat more protein rich foods and pay attention to the balance of nutrition. After the beginning of milk secretion, if there is malnutrition or depression, it may nourish the hypothalamus, resulting in the reduction of prolactin secretion in the anterior pituitary, resulting in non secretion or reduction of milk secretion.

5. Mother’s lack of sleep

Because some postpartum hot mothers start working after the baby’s full moon, they not only need to breastfeed, but also need to work, which consumes a lot of spirit and physical strength. It is suggested that this type of mother should relax and find more time to rest to ensure enough sleep time, which is more helpful to solve the problem of insufficient milk.

So, postpartum milk shortage, how should mother improve it? Try the following two points:

   ♦ Grasp the time of each feeding

For the baby, whenever he wants to eat, he should be fed 8-12 times every 24 hours. There is no need to limit the baby’s feeding time at each meal. Find a comfortable feeding position and let him drink freely.

In order to let the baby drink nutritious breast milk, try to burp after feeding one breast and change the other.

To put it simply, breast-feeding for small month old babies can follow the principle of “feeding on demand”: feed frequently! Frequent Hello! Frequent Hello! Don’t look at the time, look at the baby!

New mothers should learn to catch the signal of their baby’s hunger: send their little hands to their mouth and make sucking movements; Turn your head to look for food on both sides; Babies who haven’t eaten enough for several days in a row may be more sleepy.

After the baby is full, there will be such performance: stop sucking or spitting out the nipple; A few hours after eating, he was very satisfied; Normal defecation (at least 6 times a day in the first month, yellow stool); Weight gain (average daily weight gain of 14-18g in the first three months).

It is worth mentioning that the baby’s weight will drop in the first week after birth and should return to its birth weight at the end of the second week. So mom doesn’t have to worry.

   ♦ Ask for help from a professional prolactin

Within a few days after delivery, mother has a high probability of milk knot and breast obstruction. If the symptoms are mild, she can solve them by herself. Let’s not follow the table below. But one week after the baby is born, this situation is not ready, so we should think of other ways.

If you encounter problems you can’t solve, you should ask a professional for help as soon as possible in the first week after delivery – a professional prolactin, on the premise that you must find a regular and reliable prolactin.


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