The main problem with the chest is sagging and shrinking. During pregnancy, due to the role of hormones, breast tissue is increasingly developed, the blood vessels in the breast also become more thick, coupled with the bulge of the abdomen, making the breast not only push forward, but also expand to the two armpits. After childbirth, the ligaments and skin supporting the breast are pulled for a long time, “elasticity” is not as good as before, so the breast sags. There are two reasons for smaller breasts: one is less fat, the other is breast obstruction.


Among the causes of postpartum chest deformation, the mother’s physical and genetic factors account for the majority, but also closely related to nutrition. Therefore, during the puerperium, mothers should eat more foods with high protein content, such as meat, beans, milk, eggs, and so on, and then supplement sufficient water with vegetables and fruits, which can prevent and improve the chest atrophy or sagging caused by insufficient nutrition. In addition to diet, every day to take out a certain amount of time for chest gymnastics, which can not only make the chest more beautiful, but also stimulate the breast, so that the secretion of milk is more smooth.

Misunderstandings to be avoided

To some extent, wearing brassiere and shaping corset can also improve the situation of chest sagging, but it should be noted that it should not be too tight, so as not to affect breathing. Sleep, should not wear a corset with steel rings, which will affect the blood circulation of the chest.


Buttocks are the place where women are most likely to accumulate fat, and because mothers after childbirth do not exercise for a long time, their buttocks will become more relaxed and sagging due to lack of exercise.


You can practice in bed and do more leg lifting and hip lifting. This is to tighten the hip muscles and help the uterus and vagina recover.

Misunderstandings to be avoided

Body building should wait for the body to recover. If you are in poor health or have bleeding from your vagina, don’t do hip exercises for the time being. Beware of other postpartum diseases.


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