It is said that the pain of childbirth is the heavy burden of life for mothers. However, labor pain, at most is also a day or two, the pain of postpartum feeding, that is the real test, and some mothers even said that the pain is almost like cesarean section..

It can be said that how to prevent or alleviate postpartum breast feeding pain, breast feeding on the road must learn the first course. Only by learning this lesson, can breastfeeding become the legendary “best parent-child time”.

There are two kinds of common feeding pains: nipple chap and milk pain. For different types of pain, there are different ways to deal with it.

The chapped nipple can be avoided by doing three points well.

1, master the correct breast position.

When many mothers feed, they often take the initiative to get out of their bodies and send their nipples to the mouth of the baby. However, in this way, the baby just passively accept the “feeding” and can only bite a bit when holding the breast, not only inefficient and difficult to suck, but also because of overexertion and bite the mother’s nipple.

The right way to do this is that the mother should put the nipple close to the position between the baby’s nose and mouth. After the baby smells the fragrance, he will naturally grow his mouth big, and put the areola in his mouth. The baby sucks actively, fully and effectively, sucking a lot of milk from each bite, and avoiding biting the mother’s nipple.

2, pay attention to nipple care

Before feeding, mothers can use warm towels to gently wet the nipple, make it soft and then feeding, to avoid nipple and baby’s mouth friction, reduce pain. After breast feeding, mild nipple protection cream can be nipple coated to help nipple repair injury.

3, choose the right lactation underwear.

Too tight underwear, easy on the nipple pressure too heavy, hinder blood circulation, aggravate nipple chapped situation. Therefore, during breast-feeding, mothers should try to choose comfortable and light ring-less underwear, so as to make the breast fully relaxed, so that tear nipple can be better restored.

Milk pain, effective relief

Milk is due to excessive secretion of milk, or breast duct obstruction, can make the breast appear hot, heavy, hard, accompanied by obvious pain, sometimes even as hard as stone.

To relieve the pain of milk, mothers can try the following ways:

1, let the baby suck more.

Breast feeding is the first choice to relieve the pain of breast swelling, can help mothers dredge the breast, keep milk secretion unobstructed. When feeding, keep the baby’s head and body straight, facing the breast, body towards the mother’s embrace and close to the mother. In order to make the feeding process more comfortable, mama can use a seat with armrest or choose a nursing pillow.

2, suck out the extra milk.

Under the condition of more milk secretion, usually the baby is full of milk, and the mother still has the feeling of milk rising. At this point, you can use a sucker to suck out the excess milk, not only to ease the milk swelling, but also to avoid blocking milk, so that the lactation function of the mammary gland to maintain normal.

3. Hot compress and cold compress.

Many mothers feel less painful breast swelling after taking a bath because hot water flows through the breasts, allowing blood from connective tissue to flow sufficiently to relieve the pain. Therefore, before feeding, mothers can use hot compress to relieve breast pain.

But after feeding, the milk has been mostly sucked out, at this time can use the method of cold compress to achieve the role of calming the breast. Notice that this is cold compress instead of ice compress. There is a very big difference between them.

Whether it’s pain from breast chaps or breast swelling, it’s a stumbling block on the way to breastfeeding. I hope that the above mentioned methods can help mothers reduce breastfeeding pain and carry out breast milk to the end.


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