The following is an explanation of how to restore the four private parts after delivery.

* First site: breast

Breastfeeding makes breast recovery faster and better

In order not to make breasts soft because of childbirth and no longer stand up, the key is to take care of themselves carefully.

Some people believe that breastfeeding makes breasts flabby and sagging, but the opposite is true. Practice has proved that breast feeding can better promote breast recovery.

Breastfeeding posture must be correct

1. Don’t let the baby get too close to his chest. When he is in the right position and starts sucking, he will find his temples and ears trembling slightly. If the baby’s position is correct, it will not feel nipple swelling and pain.

2. Place one hand flat on the ribs below your chest to support your chest. Avoid compression to the top of the chest, as this may change the direction of the nipples, causing breast obstruction.

3. Every time we breast-feed, we need to change different breasts to feed. Sucking different breasts at different times helps to avoid too much pressure on one side of the chest.

4. Sprinkle some warm water on the chest before breast-feeding, which is helpful to the secretion of milk. So babies don’t have to suck hard and painful nipples.

5. If the breast hardens, you can use your hand to squeeze out the milk to facilitate infant sucking.

6. After breast-feeding, wiping the breast with a cold towel can constrict blood vessels and reduce the degree of breast swelling.

7. Gently squeeze the swollen nipples, which is a simple and easy way to use.

8. Wearing a suitable bra can make your chest feel comfortable.

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Page 1: Part 1: Breast

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