It is often said by the older generation that women can change their physique and make their bodies better, and this critical period is postpartum. Women consume a lot during childbirth and are weak after childbirth. They need good conditioning, which not only helps their body recover, but also improves their physique. If you don’t take good care of yourself during this critical period, you may also bury hidden dangers. The recovery of postpartum body is actually a university question. Many details need to be paid attention to. How should a new mommy recover her body as soon as possible? Let’s take a look at the wonderful ways of postpartum recovery!

Importance of postpartum recovery

Why do postpartum women choose postpartum recovery? Maybe many postpartum mothers still stay at the level of “recovering their body”. In fact, postpartum recovery not only includes the recovery of body, but also other physiological and psychological recovery.

Expert research found that 100 days postpartum is the most vulnerable period for women’s psychology and physiology. The recovery during this period is related to their health in the future. However, in reality, there are many female sexual friends who carry out blind and even harmful weight loss in order to quickly recover their body. In the end, they will not only fail to achieve the effect of weight loss, but also destroy their physical health, and then increase their psychological pressure, resulting in more serious consequences.

In this appeal to the majority of postpartum mothers, postpartum recovery is very important, so we should do a good job in “correct” postpartum recovery. Every mother’s physical condition is different, but as long as she finds a way suitable for herself, she will be able to recover her physical strength and energy quickly. Next, I’ll sort out five tips to see how to quickly restore vitality and energy after childbirth!

Five tips for postpartum recovery

1. Stick to proper exercise

Exercise is of great help to postpartum recovery, whether it is the recovery of body or the recovery of essence, Qi and spirit. However, the new mommy should remember to start exercising when her body allows. The amount and range of exercise at the beginning should not be too large.

Walking and yoga are recommended postpartum exercises. The new mommy can let her baby lie in the stroller and push the stroller to take a walk in the garden. It can not only exercise her body, but also increase parent-child interaction.

2. Find a way to relax

Whether external or internal problems, postpartum mothers have greater pressure. Stress will make the new mommy’s body secrete too much adrenaline, which will deplete the energy in the body.

At this time, the new mommy should try to find a way to relax.

For example, a few minutes of deep breathing or meditation can purify your mind, relax your tense muscles and achieve unexpected results.

For another example, simply massaging your body can promote blood circulation and relax your body and mind.

3. Keep optimistic

From girls to mothers, the change of identity and the difference of objective environment will more or less affect the psychology of new mothers. Especially when the postpartum body is particularly weak and tired, you still need to take care of your baby. It’s easy to feel tired and powerless.

At this time, the mother’s own mentality is very important. You can choose psychological suggestion, imagine yourself more energetic and encourage yourself. When you feel lonely and helpless, you can tell yourself “I can do it” and actively get rid of negative thoughts, such as helplessness, anxiety, anger, etc.

Everyone has different ways to restore self-confidence. The new mommy can also choose to do something interesting, distract and so on. Remember not to let negative emotions control your mood.

4. Get enough sleep

New mothers should pay attention. Sleeping more after childbirth helps to restore their body shape! A survey by Harvard Medical School found that if a new mother doesn’t get enough sleep, she is easy to gain weight, which is especially bad for her recovery. Because less sleep time will lead to hormone changes and increase appetite.

A good night’s sleep is a prerequisite for maintaining good energy. New mommy is weak after childbirth. It’s best to go to bed on time, keep enough sleep and improve sleep quality. This will help you recover your energy quickly.

5. Eat light and nutritious

Postpartum mother’s diet is very important, because it is related to the mother’s physical recovery and the baby’s lactation. However, it’s not good to be too picky, and it’s not reliable to eat and tonic. Maternal food should be mainly high protein and low fat, such as black fish, crucian carp, shrimp, Monopterus albus and pigeons, so as to avoid postpartum obesity caused by excessive fat intake. In addition, the variety of food should be rich. Eat meat and vegetable dishes together. Don’t be picky and partial.

With these five tips for postpartum recovery, I believe the new mommy also has a bottom in her heart. Don’t be afraid to delay postpartum recovery. This crucial period must be grasped by the new mommy.


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