With the progress of science and technology, anesthesia technology, more and more new mothers choose caesarean section. Caesarean section has certain benefits, but it is also very important to recover after caesarean section. So what nursing points should be paid attention to after caesarean section? Come and have a look!

1. Turn over more after laparotomy

1. Causes of abdominal distention

General caesarean section postpartum have varying degrees of flatulence, new mothers will feel abdominal distention. There are many reasons for flatulence, such as anesthesia to inhibit intestinal peristalsis, blood and amniotic fluid overflowing into the abdominal cavity to stimulate intestinal curvature during operation, and gas swallowing during and after operation. Therefore, the new mother should not open her mouth to breathe after the operation, and the abdominal distention will disappear naturally 24 hours later. New mothers can do more turning movements after childbirth, increase the amount of bed activity, so that the recovery of intestinal muscle peristalsis faster. You can choose a comfortable position according to your feeling. It’s better to change the position every half an hour. When turning over, your family should help.

2. Keep warm and keep the pipeline unobstructed

New mothers need to pay special attention to keeping warm and all kinds of pipes unblocked after laparotomy. At this time, they need to change sanitary napkins frequently to keep the pudenda clean. The sandbags in the abdomen need to be placed for 8 hours. After 12 hours, the new mother can change her position with the help of her family or nurse, turn over and move her legs. After the recovery of consciousness, physical activities should be carried out. After 24 hours, you should practice turning over, sitting up and getting out of bed to move slowly.

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Page 1: turn over more after laparotomy

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