When the fetus is delivered, you can take a little rest for about 3 ~ 5 minutes, and then exert slight force to deliver all the placenta and umbilical cord. It is still necessary to observe in the delivery room after production, and pay attention to the following points.

First, we should adjust our mentality.

Some pregnant women will be elated and in high mood when they see their baby, and some pregnant women will be depressed or even depressed because of the baby’s gender or bad baby, which will affect uterine contraction and cause postpartum hemorrhage.

Second, have a good rest.

Childbirth is a process of great physical exertion. You will feel tired and unconsciously fall asleep. At this time, you should seize the time to rest. You can close your eyes and rest or take a nap, but don’t sleep soundly, because you have to take care of your baby and feed it the first time.

Third, breastfeeding.

The baby should be fed for the first time within half an hour after birth and have skin contact with the baby at the same time. This is conducive to stimulating mammary gland secretion and is very beneficial to the recovery of mother’s uterus.

Fourth, pay attention to observe the bleeding.

Observe in the delivery room within 2 hours after delivery, during which bleeding is the most likely, so pay special attention. Observe in the ward 2 ~ 24 hours after delivery, and there is still the possibility of bleeding. You can massage the uterus yourself to reduce bleeding. On this day, perineal wound and uterine contraction will cause pain, so you can take supine rest.

Fifth, pay attention to diet.

After giving birth, you will feel hungry. You can eat some non irritating and digestible foods, such as brown sugar millet porridge, red dates rice porridge, chicken soup noodles, crucian carp soup noodles, boiled eggs, etc. After eating food, you can have a good sleep.

Sixth, we should urinate and urinate in time.

The puerpera who gives birth naturally should urinate 4 hours after delivery, urinate 6 hours after delivery, and defecate 24 ~ 48 hours after delivery.

Seventh, get out of bed as soon as possible.

After childbirth, you should move in bed, such as turning over, lifting your legs, contracting your abdomen, lifting your anus, etc. you can get out of bed after 8 to 12 hours of spontaneous labor. In short, the above is a complete process of normal delivery, but it only accounts for a small part in reality at present, because about 60% of pregnant women have high-risk factors, 40% have normal head position, and 1/3 of them have abnormal head position, so abnormal labor is more common in delivery.

At the same time, at the current medical level, there are too many and too fast unpredictable changes in the process of labor, and it is difficult to explain. For example, whether the fetus has intrauterine hypoxia, there is no good means of diagnosis, and sometimes it can only be diagnosed by observation; The head position is variable when it is not in the labor process, and the doctor will try to help it turn into a natural labor. Therefore, it is very important to communicate more and know the progress of labor at any time.


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