☆ Carefully observe the daily performance and psychological status of pregnant women, and directly inquire about their inner feelings. Once traces of depression are found, early prevention and early adjustment can be made to avoid aggravation or even danger. When a pregnant woman has feelings of pessimism and worldliness, it is necessary to arrange a continuous companion.

How do family members cooperate in treating “postpartum depression”

☆ Recognize their feelings and avoid criticizing education. If a pregnant woman is found to be in a bad mood, it is necessary to express understanding and accept it physically, without blaming them for not being strong enough, being too delicate, or being too dependent to allow them to be in a bad mood.

☆ Respect their own ways of regulating their emotions. For example, some pregnant women can’t control their tears, are prone to tantrums, and are even harsh on their families and caregivers. These manifestations may be symptoms of depression, but they are also their ways of regulating their emotions. Avoid trying to stop them from venting their emotions.

☆ The principle of taking maternity as the center is that family members and other caregivers should not impose subjective suggestions on maternity, as those that you believe are good may not be entirely suitable for them.

☆ Don’t treat them as weak people, but believe that they have the ability to successfully cope with postpartum depression. Encourage more affirmation of their detailed performance, and make them feel confident and capable of passing through the special period of life.

In addition to spiritual support and encouragement, they should also appropriately maintain physical intimacy and intimacy when they need it. Don’t just warm up children and neglect new mothers.

Taking care of pregnant women is also a difficult task in itself, and taking care of women with postpartum depression is even more challenging. Family members and medical personnel should understand and support each other, and family members themselves also need psychological support.

☆ Timely seeking foreign assistance and caring for pregnant women are unfamiliar and inexperienced for many people. Taking the initiative to ask for help from other family members and social support (such as professionals) is a very good self-help ability.

☆ Accepting oneself as a caregiver can sometimes feel helpless and powerless, and sometimes feel overwhelmed and overwhelmed. Don’t blame yourself too much when it’s unavoidable to take care of yourself poorly.

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