Some women choose caesarean section because they fear that spontaneous delivery will damage their privacy and affect their future sexual well-being. Women who have such worries are all because they don’t know enough about their privacy. For such a sensitive part, basic knowledge and understanding is necessary; and you need to know about the changes of private place during pregnancy and postpartum; even if it is the reaction of private place in love, it’s okay to know more; you also need to know some data about private place. Following are four chapters on private secrets, which can help you get a deeper understanding of private.

I. Understanding and Understanding of Private Secrets

1. The vagina also has a natural defense barrier. The labia minora on both sides of the vulva are often closed and closed, and the front and back walls of the vagina are close together, forming a natural defensive barrier.

2. Private wrinkles also grow. Women’s private appearance changes with age. Lower estrogen levels, less fullness of the labia, atrophy of fat pads, and loss of collagen will make the labia droop and wrinkle. These are normal physiological changes that do not significantly affect sexuality.

3. Not all vaginas have hymen. Some people are not red on the night of their new marriage, and are considered non-virgin, which brings shadows to their marriage life. In fact, some people are born without hymen. But some people have too thick hymen, so that they need to be removed by surgery. In addition, the hymen usually attaches to the opening of the vagina, which is vulnerable to damage, such as exercise and tampon placement.

4. Leucorrhea is not dirty. It is the “holy hand of purifying Yin”. Because of the existence of leucorrhea, foreign pathogens can not live in the vagina, thus ensuring the safety of one side of the vagina, which is called “vaginal self-cleaning effect” in medicine. This self-cleaning effect actually benefits from a large number of beneficial bacteria in the vagina – vaginal bacteria. The bacteria can convert glycogen contained in the keratinized epithelial cells of the vaginal wall into lactic acid, thereby inhibiting harmful bacteria invading the vagina. Vaginal bacteria can not grow in a dry environment, they must thrive in a wet state, while leucorrhea just wets the vagina, helping the vaginal bacteria to protect the vagina. It can be seen that normal leucorrhea is not redundant, and it is wrong to think that leucorrhea is dirty and needs “cleaning Yin”.

5. Vagina has the function of self-cleaning. Vaginal glands can secrete some fluid, lubricate and clean the vagina. Wash vulva when bathing, do not use vaginal rinse agent, because excessive vaginal cleaning will wash away those natural lubricants and probiotics, resulting in anaerobic and mold reproduction, resulting in abnormal secretion, odor and itching.

Private Secret Pregnancy and Postpartum

1. Vaginal periedema during pregnancy. Pregnancy is affected by estrogen and progesterone secreted by the placenta. There are congestion and edema in vaginal mucosa. At this time, the permeability of vaginal mucosa increased, the exudation increased significantly than in non-pregnant women, and the gland secretion of cervical canal increased, so the vaginal secretion in pregnancy increased significantly than in non-pregnant women, often white paste, no odor. A series of physiological changes during pregnancy make it easy to suffer from mycotic vaginitis, the infection rate is 9.4% – 18.5%.

2. There is no change in the vagina after delivery. After delivery, changes in vaginal appearance and tissue are far less evident than many female friends think. From an external perspective, unless there is tearing during childbirth, few people can tell from the appearance whether a woman has given birth or not. Some women feel that their vagina is falling and relaxed after giving birth. Women with this condition can contract their pelvic floor muscles more than 10 times, lasting several seconds at a time.

3. Data on Private Secrets

1. Having a baby will increase her by five times. Usually, the vagina is less than an inch in diameter. But before the baby is born, the vagina expands incredibly to 4-5 inches wide to allow the baby’s head to pass. But about six weeks after birth, the vagina will (or almost) return to its size when it was not pregnant.

2. Vaginal pH is 3.8-4.5. Because of the action of normal bacteria, the acidity and alkalinity of this space are kept between 3.8 and 4.5, so that most pathogenic bacteria living in alkaline environment can be excluded.

3. The vagina secretes 1.55 grams of liquid for 8 hours. Female reproductive period, vaginal secretions weigh about 1.55 grams every 8 hours. If the labia valgus is more obvious, more mucus is secreted. Secretions vary in color. In most cases, vaginal secretions are white and turn slightly yellowish after drying. If the secretion turns green in wet condition, or feels burning and itching in private, and smells very fishy, it needs to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

Secret Love in Private Secrets

1. When you love, she will make a sound. The vagina also makes sound when doing AA, which is mainly caused by the way the partner enters. If he pumps thoroughly every time, then in the space of pumping, the air will inevitably enter, and when the air is squeezed out from a relatively closed environment, it will naturally make a sound.

2. Under sexual stimulation, the vagina becomes longer. Normally, the average length of the vagina is 8.5 to 12 centimeters. “After sexual stimulation, the vagina will become deformed, twice as much as before.” Adequate foreplay can further expand the vaginal “volume” and enhance sexual feelings.

3. When love orgasms, the vagina ejaculates. Vaginal ejaculation is common during orgasm when a woman understands the mechanism of her body. There are many glands beside the urethra, especially when the anterior wall of the vagina is stimulated, they secrete fluid.

4. Regular love makes the vagina healthier. Regular sex not only makes women younger, but also makes the vagina healthier. Because love keeps the vaginal muscles tight by training them. In addition, the more mucus secreted by excitement before love, the less vulnerable it is to cause vaginal damage.

Privacy is of great importance to women, whether in terms of physical health, sex or reproduction. If you want to take better care of your private place, you must understand it and treat it kindly.


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