Every new mother in the face of the first puerperium, more or less will encounter some tangled things. Although it is said that it will be OK for a period of time, the process is really hard. Is there no other way but to rely on forbearance? NO! Next, I’ll give you some advice for new mothers, so that you can calmly face those tangled things during the confinement period.

One of the tangled things in confinement: strange smell

From ancient times to the present, the puerperal period stresses not to bathe, not to wash hair, not to brush teeth Anyway, it can’t be too long! Love! Do it! Clean! Although many people do not strictly abide by it now, they still have to wash it, but it is inevitable that there is still some peculiar smell during the confinement period, isn’t it? For example, if the body can’t blow frequently, it’s easy to sweat. The smell of sweat is mixed with the smell of milk. In addition, the hair hasn’t been washed for several days. Well, there’s a mixture of flavors, which is hard to express. Is it swollen?

   ☑ About shampoo: after a week of natural labor, you can wash your hair, but you should pay attention to dry your hair after washing, do not blow, so as to avoid headache in the future.

   ☑ About brushing teeth: during the period of confinement eat a lot of soup, brushing teeth is a must! It is recommended to use a soft toothbrush, not to cause damage to the gums.

   ☑ About bathing: whether it’s caesarean section or natural delivery, as long as the wound is healed, you can take a shower. If the wound is not good, it is recommended to take a bath and change clothes frequently.

   ☑ On the breast: some new mothers have too much milk, milk up ah leakage, all of a sudden make milk wet dada must have taste, at this time can pad anti overflow pad, so as to avoid embarrassment.

Post natal leakage of urine

Postpartum leakage of urine is too embarrassing, because the uterus is enlarged during pregnancy, abdominal pressure increases, making the vagina relaxed, and in the process of delivery, pelvic floor muscles and nerves will have certain damage. In these factors together, maternal control of the urethra weakened, in the future when the abdominal pressure suddenly increased, there will be leakage of urine. You can do that——

   ☑ Tighten the vagina movement, do anal movement, do choking exercise, exercise hip muscles, sit ups and other methods to alleviate.

   ☑ Daily care, you can use a pad of maternal sanitary napkin to relieve the embarrassment of urine leakage.

The third tangle of childbirth: breast pain

I thought that it was a very proud thing to become a cow. In fact, there was too much milk secretion for the baby to eat, and the milk remained in the mammary duct. As time went on, it was easy for the baby to agglomerate and block. As a result, the baby could not suck out the milk, and a large amount of milk remained in the breast would cause swelling pain. Well, it was really painful! This can be done——

Don’t drink too much soup;

☒ do not touch the mammary gland;

☒ do not sleep on your side and prone for a long time;

☒ do not wear inappropriate bras;

   ☑ With the help of a sucking device, the excess milk can be sucked out to relieve the discomfort of milk swelling.

The fourth tangle of childbirth: wound pain

After natural labor, most people will be side cut, side cut wound recovery takes a certain amount of time. During this period of time, the pain is certain. Some people’s side cut wounds are relatively large and recovery is relatively slow. Some people are more tolerant of pain and may feel better. However, it is suggested that there are side cutting mothers who can use some drugs to relieve pain, such as some safe sprays.


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