Mothers should keep their minds relaxed so that they can grow healthily. Easier said than done. Changes in hormones during pregnancy, changes in dietary habits, physical discomfort, etc., can lead to a mother-to-be difficult to maintain a calm and comfortable mood. Can the novice mother find the old state after birth?

The answer is obvious, NO. When the baby is born, the mother discovers that she has no private time and space to move around the baby from day to night. More importantly, do you want to sleep well or is it hard to get hot? The sleep of new mothers is not only related to their recovery, but also to their “rations”. Because mother’s lack of sleep may lead to a reduction in milk volume and affect the healthy development of the baby. To get a good night’s sleep, new mothers need to be “fastidious”.

1. pay attention to sleeping posture.

In general, doctors recommend that pregnant mothers-to-be sleep on their left side to ensure nutrient and oxygen delivery to the fetus. Does the mother need to pay attention to sleeping posture after the baby is born? The answer is very necessary.

Whether they are in labor or caesarean section, new mothers should avoid sleeping on their backs for a long time. Because the supine position is easy to cause the uterus to fall back, is not conducive to the discharge of lochia, and may lead to postpartum low back pain. Especially for novice mothers of caesarean section, when lying on their backs on the pain of uterine contraction will be very sensitive to wound recovery is not conducive.

The correct postpartum sleeping position should be alternate supine and lateral lying, novice mothers can according to their own physical feelings, how comfortable to sleep. If you have a good body, you can sleep well and recover quickly.

2. pay attention to “homework” before going to bed.

Just greet a new life family, mom and dad will inevitably be confused, morning and evening upside down. Babies eat and drink Lazara a day often let parents busy like a top, when the baby finally fell asleep, many novice mothers finally breathe a sigh of relief, but also want to find time to do what they want to do. For example, playing with mobile phones, or busy with housework, did not fall asleep very late. How can a mother sleep well like this?

After sleeping baby in the evening, mother can do some “homework” that can relax her mind and help her fall asleep. For example, reading a book, listening to music, or taking a bath, you can also chat with Dad about relaxing topics, exchange feelings. In particular, I would like to remind mothers that playing with mobile phones before bedtime can not only lead to late sleep, but also easily lead to disturbances in the body’s biological clock, affecting sleep quality. Therefore, do not hypnotized by using mobile phone.

During the month, the new mother should learn to sleep with the baby. This sleep is not a real sleep, but what we call “dozing”. When the baby is asleep, mother rests for 15 minutes or so, taking a nap to regain her energy. Of course, adults generally only need 8 hours of sleep a day, napping is not sleep, not too long, so as not to affect the normal routine.


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