Some new fathers may wonder that if their wife has a baby, it feels like a personal change. Wife has changed from inside to outside, especially in temperament, the new father is the most experienced. The original gentle “little sheep” has now become a “Tigress”. Why do women have such a big contrast in their natal postnatal temperament? What is the reason why new mommy becomes irritable?

Physical and psychological changes in postnatal new mommy

In other words, why are postnatal women prone to big changes in temperament? What on earth is causing trouble?

1. Physical changes

The level of estrogen in new mummy changed greatly. During pregnancy, the level of estrogen in Mommy’s body will increase, become more emotional, and more likely to arouse maternal love. After birth, the uterus will enter the process of self recovery. During this period, the hormones in the new mammy were constantly adjusted and gradually returned to normal levels.

After a sharp drop in the level of estrogen in the postnatal period, new mommy will become irritable and grumpy. When hormone levels become stable, new mommy’s temperament will gradually return to normal.

2. Psychological changes

The new mother’s postpartum mood is complex. On the one hand, she is a bit overwhelmed by the arrival of new members and worries that she is not competent for the job of caring for her baby. On the other hand, the focus of her family is on her baby, which may be significantly less postpartum than the care she receives during pregnancy.

New mommy can hardly adapt to each other for a while, so it is easy to have all kinds of anomalies. This is also very common after childbirth, and the family should give new mommy more love. Of course, new moms also have to learn to adjust their emotions.

How to improve postpartum temper?

When the post natal grumpy situation occurs, new mommy can improve from the following two aspects. Of course, the new father has to do his best to help new mommy!

1, ensure adequate sleep.

Postpartum new mothers are prone to lack of sleep, rest is not good, people’s mental state and temper will become worse, postpartum physical and psychological recovery are not conducive. At this point, what new mommy wants to do is to have more rest and ensure enough sleep.

The family should take more care of the baby, so that the new mommy has more rest time. At night, in addition to breast-feeding, the new father should try to share more work for the new mother, reducing the number of times the new mother gets up at night.

2, accept the role of mother as soon as possible.

Some new mothers are still young when they give birth. They think they are still a child. Suddenly they have a little baby to take care of, which is hard to accept for a moment. If you are a new mommy who is spoiled from childhood, it is hard to accept the hard work of caring for your baby. The more this happens, the more new mothers need to be in touch with their babies and nurture their mothers and children, so that they can accept their mothers’roles more quickly.

Women’s postpartum changes are not only physical, but also psychological. During the postpartum period, new mothers need a transition period, which requires more understanding and care from their families.


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