Since the birth of the baby, many mothers have become reluctant to go out and stay at home. In fact, they are not unwilling to go out, but busy taking care of their babies, unable to leave. More importantly, taking a baby out is not a “tired” word can be summarized. If you go out and encounter a baby stinking, hungry or vomiting, it really makes the mother’s scalp numb, needless to say, sometimes embarrassing.

_Take the baby out embarrassment one: baby pull stink

When the baby is young, it’s good to urinate, and change the diapers after a period of time. However, pull stink is not so easy to solve, if the baby pull stink in the subway or bus, that soul-stirring taste, and the strange vision of people around, really how embarrassing and embarrassing.

However, the baby can not only stay at home, the outside world is so big, the mother still needs to take the baby to see more, more contact with some new things, and the mother also needs to go outside to breathe. Making all kinds of preparations can help mothers cope better with the embarrassment of shitting and urinating when their babies go out.

Coping strategies:

Before going out, prepare baby travel supplies, especially diapers, dry and wet paper towels, and diapers must be water-locked, good permeability, so as not to change diapers in time and let the baby’s little fart suffer.

_Babies are slightly older, usually have regular defecation time and habits, try to avoid going out during the baby’s defecation time. If you can’t grasp the rules, take your baby out to some convenient places to go to the toilet, or when you go out for activities, you should first pay attention to where there are toilets nearby, so as not to lose your hands and feet.

_Take the baby out embarrassment two: feeding in public

When the baby is hungry, he will cry for milk, or constantly picking his mother’s clothes to show that he wants milk. It’s not convenient to feed when he goes out, but the baby can’t stand hunger. You know, there is still a shortage of such large and elegant places as mother and baby rooms. Sometimes mothers can only breast-feed in public. However, feeding in this way will inevitably embarrass the people around you and yourself.

Coping strategies:

Before going out, it’s best to check whether there is a breast-feeding room in the place you visit and whether you can go home before your baby’s meal.

_Preparing a suckling suit, where there is no lactation room, will make you feel much more convenient. When feeding the baby, turn your body slightly sideways, facing the crowded area with your back. If your husband is around, ask him to help cover up. Even if there is no special suckling suit, a thin coat should be provided for easy shelter.

_Take baby out embarrassment three: baby vomiting or vomiting

When the baby is still young, vomiting or vomiting occurs from time to time. When taking the baby out, if the baby suddenly vomits or vomits, the vomiting content has a peculiar smell. Not only that, the baby’s vomit will also dirty the baby’s clothes, and even get to the mother, originally go out to play happily or visit relatives and friends, after this vomiting, good mood is easy to be destroyed, so we must do a good job, do not let good mood go.

Coping strategies:

Baby vomiting or vomiting, in fact, people around can understand, mother need not feel embarrassed. Before going out, you must be prepared to replace clothes for your baby. When you go out, you can wear a saliva towel, so that clothes are not easy to spit wet and dirty. Paper towels should be placed in easy-to-take places, because paper towels are sure to be used frequently when taking babies out.

Take the baby out, don’t mess with the baby to eat, the baby’s stomach is fragile, eating disorderly easy to vomit. Don’t let the baby play hard after feeding, try to let the baby sit upright for a while.


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