Women postpartum, more or less, some changes have taken place in the body. Before the perfect figure of you, now is not like a yellow faced woman, oneself look in the mirror feel ugly, let alone him? What behaviors of your husband make you more anxious?

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Only the baby in the eyes, ignoring the mother

A mother complained to me that after giving birth to a baby, the biggest discomfort was not because she became busy or ugly, but because she suddenly ended the life of a pregnant mother who was “three thousand spoiled in one”. All her family and friends turned around around the little “center” of her daughter and didn’t listen to them.

Sometimes I feel like a fertility robot or a natural big bottle. No matter my husband, mother-in-law or sister-in-law, no one asks me whether I love to drink those milk tonics, no one asks if I sleep enough, no one cares about my mood, and no one cares about my loss.

Advice for husband:

First of all, you should understand your wife. Secondly, you should take the initiative to communicate with your wife. You should be frank about what you think in your heart. You should take the initiative to care for your wife and not put pressure on your mother. You can try these methods: for example, tell your wife what you need her help and encouragement.

No matter how many people in your family help to take care of your wife and baby, your role is absolutely irreplaceable. You must take time to accompany your wife more, so that she can feel your love and not be ignored. Only when the relationship between parents is happy, it is possible to give the baby a warm and comfortable home!


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