Mother was ten months pregnant, and finally succeeded in unloading the cargo. Before she could celebrate it, she immediately entered the lunar phase. To know the postpartum puerperium, the rules are really too many to be desired, and the following five things, new mothers must not do!

1. Puerperium should not be carried out in an unventilated room

It is said that during puerperium, mothers can not be blown directly by the cold wind, so many new mothers hide in an airless room in order not to be blown by the wind. The room is airtight and cold is avoided, but the growing bacteria in the room not only affect the mother, but also the baby’s respiratory system.

Suggestion: Maintain indoor ventilation, as long as the cold air is not blowing directly against the mother, keep the windows open as far as possible, so that fresh air is continuously circulating in the room.

2. Don’t just lie in bed

Many mothers lie in bed for several days after delivery, hardly walking, let alone exercising. In fact, the lack of postpartum exercise, resulting in obesity problems are secondary, serious lower limb venous thrombosis will lead to lower limb edema, pain.

Suggestion: On the first day after delivery, mother can lie in bed and rest, but during this period, mother can still turn around to increase muscle vitality. From the second day after delivery, mother can already get out of bed and walk around, and then gradually strengthen the exercise. Postpartum exercise can not only strengthen the body, but also play a role in wound healing.

3. Don’t eat big tonics right away.

Mothers are very weak after giving birth to their children. In order to start milk, families often prepare many supplements for their mothers. However, the mother just gave birth to a child, gastrointestinal function is weak, the digestive system has not yet returned to normal, not suitable for excessive supplementation.

Suggestion: Mother’s appetite is generally not very good within 2-3 days after delivery. It is suitable to eat some liquid or semi-liquid food which is easy to swallow. When the mother’s gastrointestinal and digestive system gradually returned to normal, then began to supplement.

4. Don’t be overjoyed

Mother has just given birth to her baby, the progesterone in her body has not returned to normal, coupled with the birth of the baby, the role began to change, inevitably there will be more misconceptions. In fact, postpartum mothers’great joy and sorrow will increase their risk of postpartum depression, and tears of great joy and sorrow will also affect their eyesight.

Suggestion: Mothers should try their best to maintain a more peaceful postpartum mentality, not to overjoy, not to mention excessive sadness and tears. Mothers can try to think about what needs to be prepared for their babies, or give their babies an English name… Divert your attention.

5. Do not wrap too tightly

Most mothers are afraid that catching a cold after delivery will lead to headache and other problems, so they wrap themselves tightly from head to foot. Can you really avoid catching cold by wrapping yourself tightly? Nonono~Mother has more sweat after delivery. If she wears too much clothes and wraps too tightly, the sweat generated in her body can not be discharged in time, which will also cause her body to catch cold.

Suggestion: Prepare more pure cotton clothes with good air permeability. When sweating more, mother should not be afraid of trouble. She should replace clothes in time and wash them frequently.

Mother’s postpartum physical weakness, more attention, but at most only a month of things, October pregnancy have survived, but also afraid that this month will not be? I hope all new mothers can safely spend the menstrual period.


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