Breast milk is a very good food for babies.

Mothers know that they are ready to breastfeed their babies.

Most mothers could have done it, but because of some wrong postpartum practices, their breast milk is less and less.

Today, I will sum up the mistakes that new mothers make in breastfeeding, hoping to remind them not to do so again.

1. Suspicion of insufficient milk, eager to add milk powder to the baby!

In the first few days of a baby’s birth, she has to eat milk once every few days. Mothers often wonder if she has insufficient milk. How can the baby eat it again soon after it’s finished?

An anxious mother may immediately add milk powder to her baby, which is actually wrong.

Because the stomach of the newborn is very small, at birth, only 10-20 ml, so it is very normal to eat very quickly and be hungry.

Mother wants to know if the baby is full, you can observe whether the baby can sleep or play happily during two feedings, whether there are 6-8 wet diapers per day, if you still feel doubtful, you can consult the doctor’s advice, do not need to add milk powder in a hurry.

Because effective baby sucking is a very important way to promote mother’s breast milk secretion. If milk powder is added, the baby sucks less, and the mother’s breast milk will really be less and less.

2. After giving birth to a baby, take supplements and expedite milk immediately!

Many people think that new mothers have just given birth and are very weak. They need more nutrition to feed their babies.

In fact, in the first two days of postpartum, the breast duct of the new mother is not very smooth, digestive capacity is also relatively poor, if early tonic, eat a large number of high-fat food such as pig’s hoof soup, but may make the new mother’s milk silt up, causing breast pain, and, too much fat, may also cause the new mother’s intestine. Stomach discomfort.

It is generally recommended that new mothers start to expel milk on the third day after delivery. The diet for the first week after delivery is mainly light and easy to digest. After one week after delivery, new mothers gradually strengthen their nutrition.

3. Fear of postpartum obesity, only drink soup instead of meat!

Some new mothers, after listening to others say that their weight is as heavy as before they were born. When their parents saw them, they couldn’t recognize them. Therefore, they felt that they had eaten too much. Now they can’t eat so much during their puerperium.

Although it’s right not to eat too much during puerperium, sometimes new mothers overdo it by eating, taking care of soup and not eating meat.

Although there are nutrients in soup, in fact, the nutritional value of meat is higher than that of soup. New mothers need to eat meat and drink soup to absorb all the nutrients better. If you are worried about getting fat, you can eat less meat and drink more soup.

Moreover, if you insist on breastfeeding, you really don’t have to worry about weight. You’ll soon be thin again.~

Breast milk is a precious gift from mothers to babies. I hope new mothers can avoid the above three items perfectly. If you think this article is helpful, please comment on it and support it.~


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