Does cesarean section postpartum 2 months still have a few haemorrhage normal?

Q. one month after cesarean section, lochia was clean, but there was a small amount of bleeding on the 47th day, and it returned to normal one day later. Two months later, there was bleeding again. The blood volume was very small and red. Is this normal?

Is hemorrhage normal in 2 months after cesarean section

A: during delivery, a wound will be left after the placenta is stripped, and then the cells in the basal layer of endometrium will gradually regenerate, and finally the wound will be repaired.    Before that, the blood vessels of the wound would have different amounts of bleeding, which we call lochia. Generally, the amount of bleeding in the first few days after delivery is more than that in menstruation, and the color is bright red. Later, the blood volume decreased, mixed with mucus in uterus and some exfoliated wound tissue, and the color was slightly light. The process of endometrial repair takes about 6 weeks. Most lochia can be significantly reduced in 3-4 weeks, bloody lochia can be clean, the average lochia clean time is about 6 weeks postpartum, but due to personal conditions will be slightly different, some normal people to delay to 7-8 weeks.

If bloody lochia lasts for a long time, such as more than 6-8 weeks, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination in time. If there is a lot of bleeding in the puerperium, we should go to the hospital, especially after cesarean section, we should be alert to the late bleeding of uterine incision.

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