What is a nursing mother afraid of?

The most afraid is the milk is little, the baby is not enough to eat.

If there is too much milk, there are also worries, one is not careful to block the milk, breast has a big lump, the pain is really uncomfortable, not only that, but also to find a way to quickly dredge, otherwise if it leads to mastitis, it will be more painful.

“How to block milk? There are two methods that many mothers use, but they may be wrong!

1, blind hot compress!

The reason is very simple, heat expansion and cold contraction, hot compress will stimulate lactation, more apply more milk.

If the hot compress time is too long, may also aggravate the tissue edema, makes the milk more difficult to discharge.

What’s more, it’s not only hot compress but not milk discharge. Because the hot compress itself can not discharge milk, but to help the milk out.

2. Knead freely!

It’s true that the right massage can help.

However, in many cases, we don’t know the correct method, but we are just massaging.

To be honest, when the breast is swollen, it will hurt if you don’t touch it. If you press and rub it vigorously, it will be even more painful. It may also cause the breast tissue, lymphatic tissue and skin to be damaged by external force.

So, mothers, please refuse the Hercules palm that “endure pain can be good”.

5 methods to help relieve milk blockage

Then, what should be done to block milk? Lema recommends these methods to you:

1. Warm compress or take a hot bath before discharging milk

Before discharging milk, you can use warm towel to apply on the breast for 2 or 3 minutes, and the temperature is subject to the skin feeling not hot.

Pay attention to the end of the application must row milk, can let the baby suck out, can also squeeze out.

2, let the baby suck, this is the most effective way to pass milk

There’s nothing better than a baby in sucking hard!

Moreover, the key is the baby’s milk posture to be correct (including the entire areola), to ensure effective sucking.

3. Milking can be done by hand or by suction

Manual milking method:

Place the thumb above the areola and the other fingers under the areola. Gently and forcefully press the thumb and other fingers toward the breast wall. Be careful not to move your fingers toward the nipple.

The fingers are then rotated in circles so that all parts of the breast can be emptied.

4. Cold compress after milk discharge

Use a clean towel, cabbage leaves or potato chips.

Rolled cabbage leaves can remove the main vein in the center, roll it with a rolling pin or soften it, and apply it on the breast for about 20 minutes, but don’t apply it on the nipple, so as to avoid leaving odor interfering with baby’s feeding.

Cold storage leaves, the effect is better.

5. Massage

You can gently massage the breast from under the armpit to under the nipple, but don’t rub it vigorously.

You’d better consult a professional.

High risk factors of blocking milk, quickly avoid!

Said so many ways to deal with blocking milk, in fact, the most important thing is to do a good job in prevention!

It is not only the mother with more milk, it is easy to block milk. The following are high-risk factors of milk blocking, which should be avoided at ordinary times:

1. No feeding for a long time;

2. The baby’s posture with milk is not correct;

3. Often eat greasy food;

4. The chest is often squeezed, such as a tight bra;

5. Do not pay attention to keep underwear dry and clean, moist milk is easy to let bacteria breed;

6. Often angry or emotional fluctuations.


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