When I opened the milk, I thought it was very smooth. Unexpectedly, I encountered breast swelling and pain. It’s not easy to be a novice Mommy. Problems come one after another! Today, I will bring you new moms a way to relieve postpartum breast swelling and pain, and help you transition smoothly to the milk opening period.

► first, let’s understand the causes of breast pain.

There are many reasons why young mothers have breast pain, but the main reason is that the breast tube is blocked. If the baby can’t eat enough milk because of too much milk secretion, the milk will stay in the breast duct. Over time, it will be easy to caking and blocking, resulting in the baby’s inability to suck milk. A large amount of milk will stay in the breast and cause swelling and pain.

There is too little milk secretion, and the mammary duct is always in the small state when unmarried. When the milk secretion condition of the breast improves, because the delivery pipeline – the mammary duct is too small, the milk will not be secreted, resulting in breast enlargement and then pain reaction.

It can be seen that most of the breast pain during lactation is not to return to milk. It is caused by improper feeding and the milk in the breast is not effectively sucked by the baby.

► so, how can I relieve my mother’s pain?

1. Mothers should firmly believe that breast milk is enough, and insist on pure breast feeding, so that breast milk can be fully and effectively sucked. Exclusive breastfeeding means that no milk powder, drink or water is added to the child except the mother’s milk. Be sure to breastfeed on an irregular, quantitative and on-demand basis.

2. Mothers should not drink any more milk soup. Drinking too much will only aggravate the mother’s feeling of swelling and pain, and there is a risk of mastitis and milk return if they are not discharged in time. The baby is so small that the amount of milk they eat is limited. They can’t eat too much preparation. Just as we adults prepare a table of delicious food, we can’t finish it all. The more milk a mother has, the better. Just enough for her baby. Too much milk will only increase the burden.

3. The mother must pay attention to protecting the mammary gland, not to press or touch the glands, not to wear an inappropriate bra, and also avoid sleeping on her side for a long time, not to mention sleeping on her stomach, because these conditions may cause the mother’s mammary gland obstruction or edema, and further aggravate the mother’s pain symptoms.

4. Some mothers choose to give their babies bottles at night because they are unwilling to get up in the middle of the night to feed them. In fact, mothers’ milk secretion is more vigorous at night. If they do not breast feed their children at night, our mammary glands are more prone to milk accumulation and breast pain. The principle of breastfeeding is to breastfeed at irregular times, in an irregular amount and on demand. As long as the baby eats the milk, there will be no pain. So mothers should also pay attention to rest during the day and breast-feeding at night.

5. It is also important to keep a happy mood. Many mothers are upset, in a bad mood and refuse to breast feed because of temporary pain. This will only make things worse. The pain is temporary. With proper care, the symptoms will pass soon.

► in addition, some tips can also help mothers relieve breast pain!

1. With the aid of a breast pump, suck out some milk to alleviate the discomfort of rising milk.

2. Hot compress. After sucking the milk with the aid of a breast pump, you can use a hot towel to compress the breast, which can effectively alleviate breast pain.

3. Massage. After hot compress, massage the breast. Hold one side of the breast with both hands and massage alternately from the bottom of the breast to the nipple. If there is milk exudation, you can squeeze the milk into the container.

4. Hot bath. If the breast is still swollen and painful, you can take a hot bath and massage the breast, which will make you feel more comfortable.

5. Cold compress. If breast pain is very serious, you can use cold compress to relieve pain. But remember to squeeze out the milk before cold compress.

Although breast pain is a common problem that mothers will face after childbirth, mothers do not need to worry too much. Relax. In fact, breast pain can be easily dealt with~


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