The symptoms of the mother’s hand are pain above the wrist, sometimes radiating to the proximal forearm or thumb. The pain is especially acute when the thumb is stretched and stretched. Mother can check herself by placing her thumb in her four fingers, gently clenching her fist, pressing her fist in the direction of her little finger, and if the wrist near her thumb hurts, it may be the “mother’s hand” that came to the door!

Postpartum mothers have a higher probability of suffering from the “mother’s hand” population, because just after childbirth, their tendons, ligaments are relatively fragile, vulnerable to injury, plus to take care of the baby, excessive hand strain, resulting in wrist tendon inflammation, pain and swelling near the wrist. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, expectant mothers hurry to see how mother hands should guard against it.

1, skillfully use wrist braces to avoid muscle damage.

One month after delivery, the mother’s hands are the hardest, holding the baby, milking, feeding, changing diapers… The thumb’s workload has increased dramatically in a short period of time, and the muscles of the hands have been tense. Many mothers have injured their wrists during the month, wearing a pair of wrist protectors to maximize wrist protection.

2. Master the correct posture of holding a child.

The mother should put the child’s main focus on the forearm when holding the child, the wrist only plays a role of gentle support, it is better to hold the two arms alternately, and do not maintain the same posture for a long time. During the breastfeeding process, you can try to use a breastfeeding pillow to place the baby, to avoid the baby’s weight for a long time by hand support.

3, choose the moon clothing to prevent the hand from catching cold.

During the period of mothers weak body, wind evil easy to take advantage of the weak into, causing some mothers disease, especially joint pain. Even in hot summer months, children’s clothing should try to choose long sleeves and keep warm at the hands and feet. If wearing long-sleeved moon suit feel hot, can moderately turn on the air conditioning, but the temperature should be maintained at about 26 degrees, not too cold, and the tuyere must not blow directly toward the mother.

4. Use the breast pump to let your hands rest.

Breast milk is the first natural food for infants to grow and develop. When the milk is not enough, the baby can’t eat or the mother needs to go out, and so on, the mother needs milking to promote the secretion of milk, or squeeze extra milk to prevent mastitis. When milking, if the thumb for a long time to do the action of opening and closing, it is easy to induce the “mother’s hand”, the mother can use the electric sucker when necessary, so that the hands are fully rested.

5, use the straps to liberate mother’s hands.

Baby after 4 months can consider the use of straps, when taking the baby out to use straps, can ease the pressure on the mother’s hands and shoulders. It should be reminded that although the strap is convenient, but every time the best continuous use of no more than 2 hours, long time carrying the baby, mother’s shoulders and back will be very sore. Therefore, occasionally change dad to embrace, share together to more easily take the baby!

6, proper exercise relieved hand discomfort.

There are a lot of things to take care of your baby, and sometimes it’s hard to avoid. When your wrist feels sore, you can do proper stretching exercises to help relieve local wrist swelling and fatigue, do 360-degree rotation of the wrist joint, or clench the palm and then relax, can effectively alleviate the pain of your hand.

Mother’s hands should be found early, treated early, and strangled in the bud. In addition to these precautions, the most important thing is to give the mother’s wrists a full rest. Families should take the initiative to share the baby and other household chores, so as to make the “mother’s hand” away from the hard-working mother Oh!


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