It’s very simple to watch mothers breastfeeding. It seems that after giving birth to a baby, breastfeeding will come naturally. In fact, this may be a great challenge for novice mothers at the beginning. If the two troubles of improper breastfeeding, breast swelling and nipple pain come to the door, the new mother will not feel well. Correct breast-feeding has been mentioned before, so how to deal with breast swelling and nipple pain?

▍ problem 1: breast swelling

In the first two days after delivery, the new mother may not feel the change of her breast. Generally, on the third day, you may be surprised to find that the breast is two cups bigger, and some new mothers may even feel breast pain and swelling. Estrogen and progesterone levels fall after delivery, while prolactin rises, allowing new mothers to produce more milk to feed their babies. When the breast starts to work, the tissue swells.

Methods: nursing care

Postpartum breast discomfort is very common, especially for novice mothers. Breast fullness is inevitable, new mothers need to take correct measures to alleviate discomfort and minimize swelling.

First of all, to help the baby learn to hold the milk correctly, the two key points of holding the milk are “open your mouth” and “open your lower lip”. When the baby holds the milk, teach him to open his mouth, turn out the lower lip and stick it on the areola comfortably. The baby who holds the milk correctly can quickly relieve the breast fullness of the mother.

Secondly, when the breast swelling, do not hot compress, hot compress will only increase the swelling of breast tissue, cold compress is the right way; During the shower, let the water flow through the breast, while gentle massage and milking can soften the areola. Third, you need to breastfeed more frequently, and feeding every two hours during the day can also help relieve swelling. Finally, if the breast is too full for the baby to hold the milk well, you can use a breast pump or squeeze out the milk by hand.

▍ problem 2: nipple pain

Postpartum mother nipple pain, most visible nipple chapped or damaged, mainly due to the new mother’s delicate nipple and baby does not have the right Title milk these two reasons. When there is nipple pain, the new mother should pay attention to what happens when feeding, in the first few days of postpartum to help the baby learn to milk correctly, the new mother does not understand it does not matter, you can ask the nurse or ask experienced elders and friends.

Methods: nursing care

First of all, before feeding the baby, you can stimulate the milk spray reflex. The mother can use hot compress, massage or gently squeeze out milk; Starting from the less painful side, the pain usually decreases with the flow of milk. Secondly, when feeding the baby, don’t force the baby to “pop away” from the breast. You can put the index finger into his mouth and insert it between the gums, and stop sucking before moving the baby away, otherwise the nipple will be easily injured.

Thirdly, after feeding the baby, let the nipple dry in the air, or squeeze a few drops of milk on the nipple to dry, which can help the cracked nipple heal quickly. Finally, if the nipple pain is more serious, you need to temporarily stop breastfeeding, you can use a breast pump to suck out the milk and then feed the baby.

The road of breast-feeding is very difficult, but mothers need not be afraid, and actively seek solutions when they encounter problems. They should believe that all difficulties can be solved.


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