From pregnancy to postpartum, women from pregnant mother to novice mother, the role is changing, life is also changing, postpartum mother in addition to taking care of themselves, but also to consider how to take care of the baby during breastfeeding, but also let their babies cry, their lack of sleep in the tired out.

First, open the milk as early as possible.

Breast milk is the most natural, safe and complete natural food for infant growth, because it contains all the nutrients and antibodies needed for infant growth. However, pregnant women after childbirth will appear milk shortage and other situations, increased psychological pressure, breast milk secretion will also be affected.

Therefore, mothers after giving birth to their babies, to believe that they have the ability to breast-feeding, early lactation, is conducive to the secretion of mother’s milk, but also conducive to mothers to adapt to breast-feeding as soon as possible, while the baby’s nutritional absorption is also conducive.

Some mothers may not have enough postpartum milk, do not worry too much, baby sucking is the best way to stimulate milk secretion Oh! In addition, postpartum is not recommended to drink too much, too greasy nutrition soup, should be light diet.

Two. Postpartum hygiene

Postpartum, especially during the puerperium, personal hygiene is very important. The traditional custom of moonlight is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Many mothers neglect the influence of personal hygiene on their health and image in order to “maintain” their health. As time goes on, the mood will become very bad. Therefore, mothers should pay more attention to personal hygiene after childbirth, abandon some unhealthy customs, shampoo is necessary, private care can not be ignored.

Three, postpartum weight loss

After giving birth to a child, bloated body makes many mothers depressed, feel that postpartum weight loss has to be put on the agenda, but postpartum weight loss must not be too early and excessive, the use of abdominal band, pelvic correction, step by step, good figure is just around the corner.

Four. Postpartum outgoing

Postpartum mothers will need to go out for various reasons, especially during lactation can not leave their children, so the mother needs to prepare a variety of maternal and infant supplies, large-capacity backpack is a must-have, bring things together is always better than busy hands and feet.

Postpartum mothers need to pay much more attention to the above points, but do the above points, whether it is feeding the baby, weight loss or going out, are relaxed a lot.


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