I haven’t had a bath for a long time after caesarean section. This hot summer makes me very uncomfortable! How long can I take a bath after caesarean section? What do you need to pay attention to when taking a bath?

It depends on the maternal wound and physical recovery. Generally, you can take a bath one week after the suture is removed and the scar is healed, that is, basically two weeks after delivery.

Reasons for not taking a bath immediately after caesarean section: it is mainly because the wound after caesarean section is easy to be infected, and when taking a shower, the maternal standing posture and water stamping are particularly easy to cause wound infection; In addition, the bath will make dirty water enter the vagina and caesarean section wounds, causing infection. Therefore, you can’t take a bath immediately after caesarean section.

Precautions for bathing after caesarean section:

1. Take a shower after physical recovery and wound healing. Generally, you can take a bath first. You can’t be as free in the shower as a natural new mother. Although the suture has been removed, the wound healing should also be taken into account. Never let the punch of water infect the wound in the shower.

2. Avoid fasting before bathing to prevent hypoglycemia, dizziness and other discomfort. In addition, pay attention to anti-skid work, and keep the bathroom floor clean before shower. The new mother of caesarean section should wear some friction slippers when taking a bath to avoid falling.

3. When bathing, pay attention to “prevent cold in winter, heatstroke in summer and wind in spring and Autumn”. The shower water temperature should be adjusted to 35-37 ℃, do not be too cold in summer and not too hot in winter. Warm water shower is the best, so that the new mother will not catch cold, and warm water will not stimulate the wound of caesarean section. Bath time should not be too long, 5-10 minutes each time.

4. Dry your body in time after taking a bath. It is best to dry your hair with the hot air of a hair dryer; Even if you feel hot all over, you can’t be exposed to the air outlet or turn on the air conditioner. Pay attention to keep warm. After taking a bath, you can drink a cup of hot milk to supplement your physical strength, and immediately stay in bed for a while to reduce the sense of fatigue.


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