Postpartum due to changes in body shape and body weakness, you need to wear some special postnatal clothing. So what are the necessary postnatal clothing lists for every mother? What are the rules of choice and use? Let’s take a look together today.

Home confinement

Comfortable and comfortable, easy to feed.

Postpartum can be said to be overwhelming, so the first week after lying in is suitable for lying in. This lets the maternal to the clothing request comfort primarily. Loose clothing is good for body relaxation and faster recovery. On the other hand, newborn babies are fed almost every two hours, so that the mother needs to frequently open clothes, so it is best to choose open-minded, side-open, up, down and so on to facilitate breast-feeding clothes.

Going out for lactation clothes + Moon cap + socks

We should not only breastfeed, but also pay attention to windbreaks.

It is an old-fashioned unscientific practice not to be able to go out during the period of moonbirth. After the puerpera feels that she can leave, she can go out according to her own specific circumstances. But be careful not to choose sunny days and gale days to go out. Especially the mother of caesarean section, the operation after the most avoid cold, so the mother of caesarean section to go out more cautious. Postpartum mothers must go out for warmth and wind protection if they want to go out. Mothers can choose to wear socks, protect their feet, wear long trousers and trousers, and wear a hat.

Lactation underwear

No steel ring, easy to solve, high elastic and comfortable fabric.

After the eighth week of pregnancy, the impact of progesterone on the chest will increase, in order to breast health, reduce pressure, from the beginning of pregnancy can start to wear breast-feeding underwear. After production, wearing a steel ring-free breast-feeding buckle underwear, the mother can complete breast-feeding with one hand, and breast-feeding will not be because of the steel ring and there is no risk of puncturing the baby’s five senses.

Abdominal band

Inelastic cotton gauze

The abdomen is the most difficult part to recover after delivery. If you want to reshape your body, you will need to recover it. After delivery, the abdominal cavity of the puerpera seems to be instantly emptied, the extruded viscera is easy to sag, and the abdomen is relaxed. The use of abdominal band, not only can prevent visceral prolapse, promote uterine contraction, but also shaping and self-cultivation, kill two birds with one stone. It is better to choose inelastic gauze for the abdominal belt material. The inelastic material is more plastic, and the elastic material has the possibility of rebound. Pure cotton gauze material, high permeability, suitable for hot summer. Three days after delivery, according to their spirit, began to tie abdominal band, 24 hours a day for better results, feel uncomfortable, can be tied during the day, at night to release. When using the abdominal tape, you need to lie flat on the bed. It takes 3 months to 1 years to achieve the purpose of adjusting body size.

Yoga suit

High elasticity and high permeability.

Amy’s mother always hopes that her body will recover as soon as possible. Postpartum inappropriate for strenuous exercise and diet, maternal body wound recovery can choose to do some postpartum gymnastics, postpartum yoga and other low-intensity stretching exercise. Easy to sweat when exercising, especially in summer, clothes must choose to absorb sweat and breathe fast dry, in order to avoid sweat immersion in the body cold.


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