It was thought that the “burden” of eating and drinking Lhasa would be removed, and it would be a lot easier and happier since then; the happiest time to wake up in the morning is to look at the little face that is still sleeping nearby; although busy, it is not too happy. But this annoying postpartum hemorrhoids has broken these beautiful.

How to fall in love with a new mother after childbirth

The new mommy should have been filled with the happiness of the baby, but this maddening and unspeakable “pain” destroys the good time. Why does postpartum new mother suffer from hemorrhoids easily?

1. Is it wrong to “work hard” too much in childbirth?

Another major reason for postpartum hemorrhoids is that women put too much effort to hold their breath during childbirth, which increases the pressure on the rectum and leads to hemorrhoids

2. Postpartum constipation

Postpartum mothers are particularly prone to constipation due to a variety of reasons. If the stool is dry and hard, then more efforts are needed to defecate naturally, which may induce hemorrhoids

3. The sequelae of hormone imbalance in pregnancy

Pregnant women secrete more yellow hormone, which makes the tension of gastrointestinal smooth muscle less than before, reduces the frequency and intensity of gastrointestinal peristalsis, which directly prolongs the emptying time of food in the stomach, and then the feces in the colon will become dry due to the long stay time, so it is easy to have postpartum hemorrhoids

4. Pressure brought by the recovery period of uterus

After childbirth, the uterus will not immediately return to the size before pregnancy, so for a period of time, the expanded uterus will still form pressure on the surrounding organs, while the pelvic vein reflux is not smooth and the anus is compressed, which will aggravate the formation of varicose veins, thus inducing hemorrhoids.


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