As a new mother, I often have the feeling that I am too sleepy to open my eyes, but I can’t sleep! Is this “postpartum insomnia”? How should postpartum insomnia do?

Postpartum insomnia should strengthen physical exercise and eat more vegetables with high vitamins. Don’t think about the mess when you lie down. Bubble your feet with hot water and drink a glass of milk every night. The most important thing is to relax. If the mood is well regulated, the symptoms of insomnia will be better.

Causes of postpartum insomnia: postpartum insomnia is because the mother will secrete many hormones that supply fetal growth during pregnancy, but they gradually disappear within 72 hours postpartum and secrete other hormones that supply breast milk. In this short period of time, the hormones in the mother will change dramatically, resulting in various mental disorders, such as headache, mild depression, inability to sleep, easy hair loss, loss of control and so on.

Sleep aid methods for postpartum insomnia:

1. Moderate exercise during the day. Moderate exercise during the day can not only help sleep, but also improve the quality of sleep. Don’t give up exercise because “you’re busy taking care of your baby and don’t have time”. You can choose more soothing sports such as yoga, walking and jogging. More than half an hour a day, but the intensity should not be too large, and do not exercise before going to bed, otherwise it will make my mother too excited and difficult to sleep.

2. The sleep pattern is the same as that of the baby. Under normal circumstances, the daily sleep time of newborns is 15 hours, almost twice that of adults. So, no matter what time, as long as the baby is asleep, the new mother can rest. Even a short 15 minute nap can keep you energetic.

3. Give yourself a holiday. It’s fun to play with the baby and take care of the baby, but it’s also very hard. In particular, we should immerse ourselves in the trivia of eating, drinking, sleeping and sleeping of the baby all day. This life will inevitably have some impact on the mother’s mood. In fact, the mother doesn’t have to revolve around the baby 24 hours a day. We should learn to let go appropriately and let the father take care of the baby, Mom should still have her own time and life: if conditions permit, you might as well take some time to chat with friends, watch a movie, buy something, and enrich her life.

4. Do relaxation activities before going to bed. Within half an hour before going to bed, the mother should stop working on the baby’s affairs, but relax. You can read relaxed and pleasant books, listen to beautiful light music, massage or beauty for yourself, keep breathing evenly, and don’t think too much.

5. Eat some sleeping food before going to bed. Hunger will make it more difficult for mothers to sleep, so don’t go on a diet to lose weight. Before going to bed, eat some natural food with calming effect, such as a piece of whole wheat bread, a few pistachios, a small glass of milk, etc., which can not only satisfy hunger, but also help sleep.


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