Many new mothers complain that they have poor memory after giving birth to their babies. Sometimes they forget what to say when they talk to them, and sometimes they forget what they are looking for. I believe that many postpartum mothers have similar experience. Yes, postpartum memory decline does exist, although this is not a major problem, but it does cause some mothers trouble, how to improve this situation?

▍ what is the poor memory of postpartum mothers?

Minmin is still on maternity leave after giving birth to ER Bao. She has to feed Xiao Bao and change diapers every day. She also has to tutor Dabao’s homework. This maternity leave is not like giving birth to Dabao. At that time, it was relaxed. I was busy like a top every day. I didn’t have enough rest time. I was often angry because I tutored Dabao’s homework.

Gradually, Minmin also found that his memory has declined. Some things are still in his hands at one moment, and forget where to put them the next moment. She is looking for things every day. In this regard, Min Min also feels very puzzled, what makes her so forgetful?

From a psychological point of view, postpartum mothers put their minds on their children, and the focus of their daily life is on their children. Other “irrelevant” things are easy to be forgotten. For the mother of one child, the new mother still needs to adapt to the role of mother. In the process of role transformation, many new mothers are always worried about their poor performance and high pressure. They often put themselves in a state of tension and anxiety. They are often absent-minded and easy to forget some things. Although the second child mother has already had the experience of taking care of her baby, she has two treasures at home, and her workload will be greatly increased. She is often too busy to get enough sleep and easily become forgetful.

If from a physiological point of view, women from pregnancy, to childbirth, and then to postpartum, every stage of the body hormone will change. And the change of hormone level after childbirth, easy to lead to endocrine disorders, cause a series of changes in the body, also do not rule out the impact of postpartum mother’s memory. Studies have shown that when women’s estrogen secretion is less, they tend to forget things and think in a less organized way. Changes in hormone secretion can also cause memory loss.

▍ how to improve postpartum mother’s poor memory?

Postpartum memory is poor, but always lost, so that many new mothers feel troubled, how to change this state? The next few moves may help you!

Ensure sleep

Although taking care of the baby will make the postpartum mother very busy, but to ensure their own sleep is very necessary, otherwise the mind is not clear and easy to do wrong. Arrange time reasonably to make time for yourself to rest. If necessary, ask your family for help and ask your mother-in-law to help you.

Learn to relax

The busy life every day will make your nerves tense. At this time, you need to find some ways to relax, such as listening to music, letting the soft and beautiful melody bring you into a relaxed atmosphere; taking a walk to let the outdoor birds and flowers slow down the pace of life and relieve the pressure.

Proper exercise

Maybe the old people will tell you to stay in bed after delivery. In fact, unless your physical condition doesn’t allow it, you should do some exercise properly instead of staying at home and lying in bed. Proper exercise can not only help the recovery of the body, but also boost the spirit and increase the concentration.

Insist on learning

As the saying goes, the brain does not rust easily. Children should not be an excuse for not learning. As long as you have the heart to learn, even if you are busy, you can squeeze out some time or find some suitable ways for your study to let your brain work. For example, reading books, reading news and taking notes can also stimulate the brain and enhance memory.


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