After giving birth to babies, mothers are prone to calcium deficiency. Postpartum calcium, from the daily intake of food is the most healthy, but on postpartum calcium supplement reports are varied, mothers should pay attention to five misunderstandings in their daily diet, to avoid falling into the situation of more and more calcium deficiency.

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Calcium supplement has nothing to do with vegetables

When calcium supplement, many mothers think that calcium supplement is still based on eating meat. They think that vegetables only contain dietary fiber and vitamins, which have nothing to do with bone health. In fact, vegetables contain a lot of potassium, magnesium and other trace elements, which can help the human body to maintain acid-base balance and reduce calcium loss. It also contains a lot of calcium. Some green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, rape, mustard, celery, etc., actually have the effect of calcium supplement. Mommy doesn’t need to be so greasy.

Take meat as a calcium supplement

Many people generally think that calcium may exist in the body of animals, especially the nutrient rich red meat like beef is rich in calcium. In fact, beef has very low calcium content. Not only beef, all kinds of meat calcium content is not high, and contains a lot of “acidic elements”, will make the blood tend to acid, the body has to use food and bone calcium ions to neutralize acid elements, which will accelerate the loss of calcium in the body. Therefore, calcium deficient mothers should properly control meat intake.


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