During pregnancy, the hormone secretion of pregnant mothers changes, which brings all kinds of troubles to the skin of mothers. Among them, long spot during pregnancy is a big headache. Especially when the past period of pregnancy, spots still remain on the face, it is really irritating.

However, mothers should not be discouraged. The spots that grow during pregnancy are better to deal with, and their stubbornness is not so strong. In addition to sun protection and whitening measures, eating more freckle food in daily life is good for removing spots during pregnancy.

1. Lemon

Vitamin C supplementation is particularly important for whitening and freckle removal. And lemon is rich in vitamin C, 100 grams of lemon juice contains vitamin C as high as 50 mg. Often drink lemon juice, can white tender skin, prevent skin vascular aging, eliminate facial pigmentation.

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Recommended practice:

Honey Lemonade: [Click to see how]

Lemon job’s tears water

2. Carrot

Carotene can help resist the formation of color spots, play a role in desalination. On weekdays, proper addition of carrots in diet has skin beautifying effect, especially with eggs, which has the effect of white and tender skin. However, remember that carrots should not be eaten too much. Excessive intake of carotene is likely to cause poisoning and make the skin yellow and dry.

Recommended practice:

Fried eggs with balsam pear and carrot

Carrot juice: [Click to see how to do it]


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