Speaking of postpartum hyperhidrosis, many new mothers have a deep understanding. Even if the weather is not hot and the clothes are not very large, the clothes will be soaked by sweat. If you have summer puerperium, your clothes and your hair will be soaked. Especially when you wake up or have a slight movement. Postpartum sweat makes many new mothers puzzled, before the birth of the baby did not see so much sweat, is it a physical problem?

In fact, this is not a pathological manifestation, but a normal physiological phenomenon after childbirth. New mothers need not worry too much. They want to know why.

Why is postpartum hyperhidrosis?

Postpartum hyperhidrosis, also known as bedding sweat in professional terms, is a normal physiological phenomenon.

During pregnancy, a large amount of water is trapped in the body due to the increase of the blood volume of the pregnant mother. After childbirth, with the decrease of metabolism, the water trapped in the body is gradually converted into sweat, which is discharged from the skin. This is called mattress sweat.

In addition, postpartum mothers love to drink soup and water, which is also one of the causes of sweating. This sweating phenomenon will gradually disappear in about 10 days after delivery. Therefore, new mothers do not have to worry about this.

But the new mother should pay attention not to catch cold, cold, usually do not have to cover too much, conditional can also take a shower every day to maintain personal hygiene.

In addition, it should be reminded that if a new mother after two weeks of childbirth, still can not move out of a sweat, then need to consider whether the body is weak, recommended to the hospital to see a doctor, clear the specific reasons.

Postpartum hyperhidrosis needs to pay attention to the following 6 points:

1. Postpartum can use hot water shampoo and body wipe, as far as possible a week later shower, keep the skin clean, but remind: if the perineal wound is large, serious laceration or cesarean section knife, need to wait for wound healing and then shower, before doing a scrub bath. When the body is suitable for shower, you can choose natural formula shower gel to clean the skin.

2. Change underwear, underwear and pajamas frequently, and wash and dry in time after changing, in order to keep dry and comfortable, avoid bacterial breeding. In addition, it is recommended that all these clothes should be made of pure cotton and comfortable to absorb sweat and breathe freely.

3. open windows frequently, keep indoor air circulation, and avoid blowing through the hall to avoid catching cold.

4. the room temperature should be kept at 24~26 C, and the outdoor temperature difference should not exceed 5 C.

5. take more rest and avoid overwork.

6. Eat a balanced diet, drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits, supplement the loss of potassium ions from sweat, to maintain the balance of electrolytes in the body.

In conclusion, sweating within 2 weeks of postpartum is a physiological regulation phenomenon. New mothers need not worry. As long as the postpartum balanced diet, pay more attention to personal hygiene and rest, the body will slowly return to normal metabolism.


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