Many new mothers will be prone to low back pain after delivery. When they are low back pain, they will not heal.

Postpartum low back pain is a common postpartum disease, which is related to whether the newborn mother pays attention to the protection of the lumbar vertebrae after childbirth, besides the strain caused by the long time of the lumbar vertebrae bearing the pressure of the fetus during pregnancy. If the new mother does not pay attention to the correct posture in the details of her postpartum life, it will undoubtedly worsen the damaged lumbar spine, and the low back pain will always entangle you, making you tired.

Mistake Posture 1: The Diaper Change Posture of Bending Over the Wounded Lumbar

Change diapers for babies is the daily and frequent work of new mothers. Some new mothers change diapers with the habit of letting their babies lie in a lower place, standing straight with their legs and bending over to change diapers for babies. Sometimes the baby cries, but also lead to diaper change for a long time, the new mother tired backache. Over a long period of time, the new mother’s back muscle tension is high, easy to cause round shoulder hunchback and lumbar disc protrusion, low back pain will follow.

Correct posture: New mothers should straighten their backs, bend their hips and knees to reduce the extent of bending, and protect the lumbar spine through core exertion.

Error Posture 2: Standing with Crotch Holding Doll

Babies are curious and like to be hugged upright on their mother’s shoulders to look around, so many new mothers, while pacifying their babies, forget the correct posture of standing to hold the baby. Sometimes they may hold the baby to the left or right crotch for the sake of temporary comfort. Such holding posture will cause the whole person’s center of gravity is not correct, and over time will also lead to pelvic enlargement and imbalance caused by lumbosacral pain.

Correct posture: When a new mother stands holding a baby, she should keep her legs even, keep her pelvis in the right position, so that her spine can extend upward. This way, she can hold the baby firmly and protect the lumbar spine from the pelvic tilt injury and avoid the occurrence of low back pain.

Error Posture 3: Breast-feeding with Crosslegged Legs

When many new mothers are sitting and feeding their babies, they are used to holding their babies’hands with their legs up and holding their legs up for a long time in order to hold their babies vigorously, which can also cause pelvis and lumbar vertebrae to tilt and cause low back pain.

Correct posture: When breast-feeding, find a chair with a back, and a small stool to support the foot, so that the thighs and legs are bent at right angles, holding the baby’s head hand on the thigh, so as to help the hand to carry the baby, but also to ease the pressure on the shoulder, neck and back, avoid causing shoulder, neck and back pain.

Low back pain can occur at any age, most of which are caused by body deformation. However, body deformation is mostly caused by incorrect posture for many years. Therefore, new mothers should not belittle the small habits of postpartum life. In order to keep the waist from getting tired, the wrong posture mentioned above may not be possible.


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