After October pregnancy, the new mothers finally added a new member to the family. However, in addition to being happy, the new mother found that her stomach was still the same size as when she was pregnant. In fact, in order to accommodate new life, as the baby’s temporary home, the uterus will gradually become thicker and softer after pregnancy, and the blood supply will increase greatly. All tissue layers are filled with blood, and the size has become dozens of times larger than before pregnancy, and the function and appearance have become very different! After production, the magical uterus will recover its original appearance through a gentle process. I will now provide some knowledge of postpartum uterine recovery for new mothers. This is very important for the new mother’s postpartum recovery.

Uterine recovery process

The main action of uterine recovery is continuous contraction, which extrudes the fetus and then the placenta. The blood in the uterus is continuously discharged from the body, which is lochia. The uterus compresses the opening of blood vessels through constant and strong contraction, so that blood clots form and stop bleeding.

After the placenta is discharged, the uterus will contract immediately. You can touch a very hard and spherical uterine body in the abdomen with your hand, and its highest part is almost as high as the navel. However, the height of the uterine body will drop by 1 ~ 2 cm every day. About 10 ~ 14 days after delivery, the uterus will become smaller and fall into the pelvic cavity, and the abdomen can’t touch the bottom of the uterus.

After that, the uterus will be further squeezed and the residual lochia will be continuously discharged. The volume of the uterus will slowly shrink and return to its original size about 4 ~ 6 weeks after delivery.

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Page 1: uterine recovery process

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