Dangerous action 1: pregnant women eat too much, the fetus grows too big

During the late pregnancy, the weight of the pregnant woman’s body will be shifted from the upper part of the back to the back, especially in the upper part of the abdomen.

“With this special physiological change, standing a little longer, pregnant women’s back muscles, ligaments will be too tense and appear back, sacral pain.”.

Therefore, “pregnant women’s weight can not be increased too much, which will increase the burden of pregnant women’s waist, which is likely to cause low back pain. Generally speaking, the whole pregnancy weight gain 25 Jin is appropriate.

Dangerous action 2: bending down to do heavy housework

After 5 months of pregnancy, the weight of the baby will put great pressure on the mother’s spine. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid bending as much as possible, so as not to cause excessive burden on the lumbar spine. If pregnant women need to pick up things from the ground, they should first bend their knees and distribute the weight of the whole body to their knees, and then squat down to pick up objects, rather than bending down directly.

In addition, pregnancy and childbirth should pay attention to rest, do not make the body too tired, often standing, squatting, long sitting, etc., can lead to lumbar muscle strain, induce low back pain.

Dangerous action 3: lie on your back and get up directly from the bed

When the abdomen bulges, many pregnant women get up, always call her husband “help handle”, either pull her to get up, or push from behind to get up. Luo Yanxia said that the two methods are wrong, directly from the supine position to get up must have an impact on the waist muscles.

Generally speaking, pregnant women should not lie on their back, thinking that lying on their side is good, especially in the left lying position. In order to relax the whole body, a cushion pillow can be placed between the legs. If you still feel the back appears “empty”, you can also put a small pillow on the back to lean on. “Pregnant women can’t put too many pillows on their beds, as long as they feel comfortable.”.

When pregnant women get up from bed, they should go slowly and orderly to avoid abdominal muscle tension. Before lying on your back and getting up, you should turn your body on the bed to turn into a side body, lean your shoulders forward, bend your knees, and then support your body with your elbows and arms, move your legs away from the bed and sit up.


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