Four months from pregnancy to the baby, or more than 140 kilograms, sad to death! ____________ Want to lose weight and worry about affecting breastfeeding, how should I lose weight during breastfeeding? Are there any situations that need attention?

Breast-feeding period is not diet weight loss, because diet weight loss may affect milk secretion, it is better to wait until after weaning weight loss.

Breastfeeding mothers can try to lose weight by exercising. Mothers who give birth naturally can turn over, lift their legs and shrink their anus in bed on the first day after delivery. Caesarean section of the maternal, before the removal of the line to go down for a walk, properly do the turn-over movement, after removal of the line can do appropriate activities.

Reasons for not losing weight too early after childbirth: Women are in the weakest state after childbirth and need to be fully restored. At the same time, new mothers need to breastfeed frequently and work hard to raise their children during the month, which requires a lot of energy. Therefore, in any case during the puerperium, do not try to lose weight in any form to restore body shape, which will seriously harm the body. However, it should also be noted that during the month, you can not enjoy too many high-fat and high-sugar high-calorie supplements, which will increase the burden of weight loss in the future.

Six principles for weight loss during lactation:

Breast-feeding weight loss first principle: six weeks after the birth of the baby to start weight loss program. Six weeks after the baby’s birth, your body has basically recovered, and the baby has established a more stable breastfeeding model, you can slowly adjust your weight through healthy eating habits. This process sometimes takes 10 months to a year, and the best speed is to lose 0.5 to 1 kg a week.

The second principle of losing weight during breast-feeding period is to control energy balance and develop correct dietary habits. Whether you plan to lose weight or not, it is beneficial to develop a “good breakfast, full lunch, moderate evening” diet.

The third principle of breast-feeding weight loss: moderate exercise is very important. Moderate exercise is very important for keeping healthy. If you take your baby by yourself, you’re already doing a lot of exercise every day. If someone helps you, you’d better spend at least half an hour on exercise on the basis of ensuring your sleep. Generally, it’s better to do it in the evening. For example, after dinner, half an hour’s brisk walking, continuous brisk walking consumes more than short-term running. Energy helps lose weight. And exercise after dinner can consume excess heat in the body. You can also refer to our postpartum sports video.

Breast-feeding weight loss fourth principle: do not eat sweets. Sugar is one of the main sources of energy, but most of the diet is provided by starch in the staple food (rice noodles), while sweets are mostly monosaccharides and disaccharides, which can quickly increase blood sugar concentration. If you eat too much sweet food, it may induce the pancreas to release a large amount of insulin, and promote the conversion of glucose into fat. This must be something you don’t want to encounter in the process of losing weight.

Fifth principle of losing weight during lactation: Eat slowly. You can increase the number of chews and chew slowly during meals, which not only helps you secrete more saliva and gastric juice to digest food, but also helps you to reduce eating. You can also consider eating less and eating more.

Sixth principle of breast-feeding weight loss: ensure the diversity of food. Pay attention to the diversity of food, at least do not eat the same food for two consecutive days, will help you to ensure a balanced nutrition, so that you have enough milk to meet the health needs of your baby. Your daily food needs include at least 300 grams of staple food, 400 grams of vegetables, a fresh fruit, milk, eggs, beans, meat (fish, chicken, livestock), liver, blood products, mushrooms, fungus, 2-3 times a week of coarse grains, and a moderate amount of nuts. Of course, a sufficient amount of soup every day is also necessary for your breast secretion.

In a word, paying attention to healthy diet, reasonable exercise and correct diet during breastfeeding can help you recover to your ideal weight as soon as you finish breastfeeding smoothly.


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