It’s not easy for a new mother to keep breastfeeding. The seven aunts and eight aunts of mother-in-law and mother-in-law said about all kinds of wonderful flowers of breast milk, which was too busy for the new mother who was already anxious and anxious.

In the worst case, the mother who could have been breastfed all the time, because of all kinds of interference, caused too much pressure, resulting in the mother’s body even if there is enough milk, it can’t be secreted, too much is tears!

Fan Ma’s breast milk wonderful flower shared today said that she hopes to give some reference to the new mothers and dads, and turn these unreasonable “conscience suggestions” out of the door.

Wonderful flower says one: colostrum yellow, can’t feed baby

“The old generation said:” just down the yellow milk, too dirty, can not give the baby to eat They even took out some health preservation knowledge they saw to compare: “just like this faucet to drain water, the fresh water is dirty and can’t be taken.”

The old man is really active in learning and using, but there is no reason for this.

In fact, colostrum contains high protein, fat, minerals and rich immunoglobulin, which is the first time in a baby’s life. Colostrum is the cream of breast milk, and it’s not too expensive to buy gold.

★★ truth: colostrum is the gold of competition. Even if there is no more breast milk, the mother should also feed the colostrum to the baby.

QIPA said two: just after giving birth, you have to feed milk powder

“Where do you have any milk now? Hurry to feed some milk powder. Don’t starve the baby. Grandma Wang’s two grandsons, both of whom have milk powder, are growing much better now. Now the condition is good, just give milk powder, we used to add glucose water

Many old people judge their baby’s growth by its lack of meat. Sweat!

However, on the first day of birth, the baby’s stomach is only the size of a glass ball, with a capacity of only 5-7ml. Therefore, although colostrum is rare, it is enough. Mother’s milk quantity, very important is depends on the baby’s sucking stimulation, the baby sucks more, the output is also more.

★★ truth: baby’s first milk should be breast milk, not only because the nutrition of colostrum is important, but also directly affects the success of breast-feeding in the future.

QIPA said three: the mother with small breast has no milk

“Ah, you have such a small breast. You can tell at a glance that without milk, your baby can’t eat anything.”

Small breasted mothers are so innocently labeled “born without milk.”.

In fact, the amount of milk, and the size of the breast really does not have a half hair relationship!

The size of the breast is mainly determined by the amount of fat rather than the amount of breast tissue. Some mothers have large breasts, but the breasts are not developed, so they have little milk. On the contrary, some mothers have smaller breasts, but they have no less than others. The milk is very rich.

It is related to the amount of milk. It is related to the development of mammary gland tissue of the mother, the morning and evening of opening milk, the sucking of the baby, and the nutrition and mood of the mother. As long as the baby contacts, opens the milk early, sucks many, the mother nutrition is balanced, the mood relaxes, the milk will come naturally.

On the contrary, if you keep saying that there is no milk, no milk, which aggravates mom’s anxiety, it may really affect the amount of milk.

★★ truth: the amount of milk has nothing to do with the size of the breast.

QIPA said four: before feeding, use a disinfectant wipes to clean the nipples

“Now there are so many bacteria everywhere. It’s said on the TV that you should wash your hands often. Before you feed your baby, don’t forget to wipe it with a wet towel first. Be clean.”

(I didn’t find that the old man had a habit of cleanliness before. ⊙ ﹏⊙ B sweat)

In fact, when a baby sucks his mother’s breast, he first contacts the aerobic bacteria that need oxygen on the mother’s nipple to survive, then the anaerobic bacteria that can survive without oxygen in the milk tube, and then the milk. This process can promote the establishment of normal intestinal flora, help the maturation of the immune system and prevent various allergic diseases.

★★ truth: unless in special circumstances, mothers do not need to clean their breasts before feeding.

QIPA said five: milking is only a little bit, not enough milk

“Said so many you do not listen, you see yourself every time milking, all squeeze out so little, how can enough baby eat, own baby does not love.”

As if it were true, my mother really began to doubt that she was short of milk.

However, milking is different from mother’s feeding. The amount of milk milked may have nothing to do with the actual amount of milk. Whether it’s manual milking or relying on the inhaler to suck milk, it needs some skills, and mom needs to slowly explore the methods suitable for her.

★★ truth: the amount of milk squeezed out / sucked out does not represent the actual amount of milk produced by the mother.


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